Winning Mind Set. What Do?


Yesterday when I was driving MuffinMan home he asked me a very interesting question. “If you landed a combo, would you finish the combo, or stop mid combo and reset or throw in an attempt to gain extra damage?”

What do you guys think? Tourny Mind Set? In a clutch situation, would you go by the book, or gamble for the extra damage?


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It depends on the circumstance, but 9 times outta 10, muscle memory will finish the combo. It’s already guaranteed damage that typically ends in a knockdown (already a ‘reset’ situation).
In that same 9 times outta 10, if you fuck up your combo or try some tricky shit, you’ll likely eat a dp for it.



Sometimes I will stop mid combo if it means that I can throw them into the corner and gain a positional advantage. Depends on the character and who is where in the what now.

  1. I’ve seen Daigo and others win countless matches by mashing out a SRK when it was supposed that he is going to be comboed or punished guaranteed if the enemy does not screw up;
  2. Comboes lead to dizzies hella fast, in this game;
  3. Knockdowns are huge in SF2.


Guys, Mike was blazed, move along folks.


You guys get into some deep philosophical ST shit when you guys are drunk and/or faded.

It depends entirely on what your goals are during a matchup. Sometimes, it’s not a bad idea to go for the throw to gain positional advantage. I think the majority of the time, however, you should finish the combo.

In your case, as a Hawk player, you should probably just finish the combo. Your combos end in hard knockdowns, where you can put yourself into another situation where you’re able to land a combo, or land the command grab loops. Why give up guaranteed damage?

On second thought, you can neg-edge your command grab risk-free anyways, so there’s no need to fear the reversal.


In the school of Sirlin, a player does not simply finish their combos, they are so past your level of yomi, that their ascension in knowledge allows them to start a combo, and simply do not complete it, nor do they use it as a “tick throw.” It is simply a mind game that allows the opponent to think that you are a scrub who knew not, but continuously throw pokes that can easily confirm into a combo. Since Sirlin is a top ST player, I follow this idea, and out-yomi my opponent by never completing my combos.


This just seems like a singular-person case of prisoner dilemma.


I subscribe to 1992 mentality for SF, which states.

Any combo that is 3 hits or greater, as well as throwing, are both cheap, and punishable by a default loss of your game, and/or being stabbed.


I’d gamble for the extra damage; if they were expecting you to finish the combo, they would not be prepared for whatever trick/setup you do to mix them up (it adds to your unpredictability). like with BL, i do xup, st. mp, c. mk then do either ( hop -> bite | cr. rh for a knockdown | cr. hp for startup punish | walkup -> bite ). but i opt for the walk-up bite so many times because they never see it coming, and I’ve already done 50% damage


I realize that I have a high chance of losing. About 70 percent. But that 30 percent could end up being the miracle factor where one can suprise themselves. All it takes is the right guess. Your either right or wrong :slight_smile: