Winning online in SSF4

It seems no matter how hard I try or what character I use my winning percentage never goes up

You have to win more games to get your winning percentage to go up. So if you win 1 out of every 2 games, it will always be 50%.
Also, no one cares about winning percentage.

Neutral jump.
Blow up tons of people online.

So, no questions on what to do better, or what you do and how to improve it?

Well. Good luck!

The thing is I use Ibuki, Dudley and M.Bison and I can play decently but, once i get online I get destroyed.

So how “decent” do you think you are if you’re getting destroyed online?

Identify where your shortcomings are, then work to improve.

Can you perform your character’s BnB hit-confirms? How varied are your mixups? Do you have any execution issues? Are you jumping in too much? Do you have your anti-airs down pat?

Are you playing to your opponent’s skill level? Newer players mash, so you need to stay away from frame traps and untight blockstrings. If they’re solid and know how to OS-tech properly, are your frametraps on point?

These are all questions you can research for yourself. Check the stickies, and check out the Vesper Arcade SFIV and Sirlin SFII tutorials on Youtube to see if there’s any fundamental concepts you might be lacking. There could even be a very simple solution to all this that you might have missed.

If you can anti air and bait reversals you’ll win more than you’ll lose percentage wise. The overwhelming play 80% online is to jump in to start an offence or to mash a reversal under pressure. Throw in some decent ground footsies and your winning most of the time.

Ask yourself are you playing to win or playing to have fun? A lot of the time winning comes in the form of playing like a complete boring spastic to accommodate poor player habits - basically waiting for them to do something retarded then punish.

I see players complaining all the time that they are no good then I offer some matches to see what the problem is and the first thing they start trying to pull off more set ups and combo’s than Bullcat on speed.

Keep it simple. You can apply your fancy set ups and combo’s once you have proper control of your character.

A player with good footsies and spacing will beat a player with good execution, set ups and combos EVERY day of the week.

you have to sacrifice your soul to the devil to win online. are you ready for that step?

No that is not all, that would be too easy. You also have to spend countless of hours in training mode and have to analyze your matches and understand why you lost (that is the part everybody does, so to beat them, you have to sell your sould) :stuck_out_tongue:

Who gives a shit about your winning percentage if you’re getting better? Focus on reactions, punishes, offense, and footsies. If you improve, you’ll get better.<br><br>If you take online seriously you’re only gonna give yourself heartache.