Winning without Tiger Shot

So I picked up Sagat today after not having used him since CvS2 (like a glove!)

So I’m in ranked, putting around, learning how to use him against other Chars when I come across a DAN! Immediately I give him him props, I mean - he used Dan and used him pretty skillfully.

End of Battle, I win. See, he let me play him. I zoned him with shots at full screen, he would get antsy and jump in like a crackhead so I gave him a nice HK to the mouth… over, and over, and over… he didn’t learn! :nono:

Battle’s over and he sends mail telling me that if that’s how I’m going to play him to not even bother with SSFIV. I replied “you’re mad cause I read you like a book and punished your jump-ins?”

He says if I can get a “real win” (whatever that means cause I’m the one who got 2 Vs) that he’ll give me props. Any suggestions on how to play Sagat without the shots or is Sagat useless without em?

Sagat is useless without his tiger shots, he’s built around his fire ball game, his tiger uppercut and knee and just there to help his fire ball game, no balls = no wins with Sagat

Cant see how… his game is mostly zoning and baiting jump ins…

his main cancel-able footsie is gone, so any decent player with good footsies will dominate you at mid range. Just learn zoning, this isnt CVS2 sagat, more like N sagat

stupidest thread since super release?
it just might be.

Wow I feel sorry if you ever have a son and he asks you how to teach him to ride a bike cause you’ll probably just call him stupid then kick him in the head for good measure. We’ve all gotta start somewhere and you have contributed nothing to this thread. Apologies for not squirting out of my mom’s vagina with a copy of street fighter, an arcade stick, and an eye patch. If we could all be as lucky as you who never once asked for help. I thought you vets would enjoy helping out us neophytes in order to raise the bar of the SF community as a whole so there will be LESS scrubs for you to complain about and MORE vets to help out newcomers. Or is that it? You WANT us to remain uninformed so you can continue to rack up BP in ranked against those who are worse players than you? (I’ve seen your vids and you struggle against anyone with higher than 500BP.) :nono: tsk tsk…

As for the rest of you, apparently there is a Sagat played by Zak where I have seen him use TS 2 or 3 times the whole round. If only! Thank you for at least a modicum of effort. I greatly appreciate it. I will REALLY have to learn my combos to play like him and seeing as how I haven’t touched Sagat in 8+ years – well, I have my work cut out for me.

Playing Sagat without tiger shots? Hmmmm… The same way you play Dudley without punches.

Implying BP means something…

the problem is that we can teach you(scrubs), but you question what has been proven, and insist that it is wrong and you are right. thats why there is so much trolling at newcomers. Becasue that is the mentallity and that is what happens everytime. Now if the game the game is new, and things are being figured out then ok throw your dumb ass ideas, because yours is as shitty as the guy who was considered good at the previous SF. but since this is an upragade of SF 4 and not a completly new game, any new idea or any thread that seems stupid will get flamed. Because forum etticate dictates that you follow the rules.

You are being flamed for not posting this in the question thread. which is at the top, the sticky section. since this is really a stupid question because everybody know that tiger shot is Sagat since the olden days. It does not need its own thread, the outcome…
you get flamed for days, and you try and defend your point, but its pointless because you proved your stupidity by not posting a question in the question thread. So no one is going to listen to your excuse or logic no matter how sane or intellegent it seems.

As for playing Sagat with no TS. No Sagat with Tiger Shot is like pancakes with out strawberry syrup and a tall glass of ice cold coke for me. Its a must!!!

You might as well just go into your settings at put all of your buttons to hard kicks and see how well you do. Sagat is all about keeping characters away and making them fight to get in. Why do you think that BOTH of his grabs put people across the screen? Why do you think that his tiger knee puts people across the screen? Why do you think that the recovery and knockdown on the tiger uppercut allows you to back dash and get across the screen? Why do you think that his EX tiger shot puts people across the screen? Why do you think they gave him the best fireball game in the game? Because Capcom wanted sagat to be the best character at full screen, plain and simple. He absolutely can be threatening up close, but he is supposed to be difficult to get to in the first place.

To be honest, your stupid little story wasn’t needed and that kid was probably trolling you.
It sounds like the real question you have is, how can I improve my game aside from tiger shots.
You should have just posted that in the Q and A forum, and people would have given you their $0.02 and you probably would have heard exactly what you wanted to hear.
Helping out people who know less is anything but a chore, I gladly do it when I know the answer and its posted in the correct place. I do admit though, my answers may be a little harsh if the question is as stupid as 'what bnb’s does sagat have in super?'
And no, I didn’t ask for help but I did visit the sagat threads a lot while I was learning the in and outs of sagat in vanilla and learned a ton from threads started by Emblemlord such as the sagat improvement thread. The Q and A thread also helped a lot along with the video thread.

My my…people are being so mean unnecessarily…i personally think it’s possible but it would definitely be kind of hard…although in some match-ups you’ll definitely have to limit your tiger shots…this vid below can kind of be used as example…to be taken with a grain of salt though…(i’ll probably be shot down and devoured by the egotistical sharks on here though)


@il0veb00ty: a sincere thanks! Informative with a touch a sass. That’s more of what I expecting from around here!

@Artiskan: thanks for the great (if not timely =P) vid. I will take it into consideration as I learn Sagat. In fact, now that he is nerfed, it’s made it almost a challenge for me to learn how to play him well but after this…

I’m sticking to lurking (and posting only when I feel I will make a contribution). If logic and intelligence doesn’t beat out LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION, then I will play by SRK’s rules, not my own. My fault, I came here to “hang with the big boys” but learned that eventhubs is more my speed.

I will say one last thing, though. The street fighter scene all but died without the concerted efforts of the team at Capcom to try and make the game more accessible. The 60 bucks I (and people like me) spent on Vanilla and then the other 40 on Super are the reasons that these “big boys” even still have a scene to rock on noobs. Too bad the SF-lifers who’ve been playing since World Warrior – of which I am one, just never took it seriously until Super – are actively working against the very goal of Capcom: New blood, new fighters, NEW MONEY. Now let’s just please let this post sink to the bottom so as to not clutter up the forum with what apparently is a crap thread posted in the wrong section.

event scrubs?!

SRK is not your daddy.

I can win without doing a tiger uppercut :smokin:

Actually I think this has some merit…if the enemy is at full screen Tiger shot all you want if they are at half screen or less use limbs and tiger uppercut. This works well to give a controlled Sagat who is not frantically hitting buttons praying the enemy doesn’t get in it looks sad when pros do that. The problem is Ryu, Ken and Akuma they prevent this kind of play but it is fun when you can do it.

Not against someone good. I have no doubt that you can get a win without it, but you cannot beat a top level player by removing a key move like that from your arsenal.

I can with just doing tiger uppercut

I would probably tell my child that it was a stupid idea if they told me they wanted to ride a bike that didn’t have any wheels, yes.

I think what should be discussed is the best fireball vs. the fastest. I wil not argue who has the fastest fireball in the game clearly no fireball thrower can keep up with Sagat’s low tiger shot period its that fast. Is it the best? NO because its also the easiest to jump in on and combo him to all hell. Which makes the idea of cutting down on the number of tiger shots alot hold some merit.