Winnipeg 2010 thread


A little late, but heres the winnipeg thread. Hopefully this thread will get some use to it. For those of you in Winnipeg we are having a launch tournament this saturday May 1. Visit for more details about the tournament and more info on the scene in general.

Yes people theres a good amount of peole here who play.



I’m expecting people will be gunning hard for the title, to that I say:


Just kidding guys, hope some of you actually post on here too though O_o, seems to be just me and ShinAkuma in and out of these boards.


We will once again be having Video Gaming as a big part of the Central Canada Comic Con this year. I don’t have info as yet but stay tuned.


Stay Free.

Real Talk.


Congrats to Killasasa aka Bmike for finally dethroning the champ ShinAkuma204 at our SSFIV Launch tourney


Campos KiD on XBL, add me up!


I’ve been to a chip damage event before. There are some pretty good players.


Obligatory, yearly post.


Uh oh, this thread is blowing up lately. This is like a telethon on PBS or something :stuck_out_tongue:


Back to being the champ. [media=youtube]fzjvJgGlwOs[/media]


You’re live tag looks familar, if ur a ryu player I think i thought u like 10 times in ranked matches lol. Kicked my butt pretty good though, ur ryu is strong…assuming ur the guy of course lol. Anyhow I might be coming down to ur guys tourny, im not completly sure yet but I am interested in showing up.


Haha nope not me, unless I was screwing around or something. I play a bunch of characters in ranked to keep it interesting, but my main is Cammy. I play Sakura, Dee Jay, Guile, Cody, Ken, Bison and Ryu just for fun from time to time in ranked when I get tired of running into laggy match after laggy match :p.


Here comes Paks to inject some hype in this quiet ass thread! Winnipeg hitting up EVO in force!

13 Days GET HYPE!!


The Central Canada Comic Con has added Kevin Sorbo as a guest! He’s doing a voice on God of War 3 of I believe Hercules!:cool:

Check out for more details.


Yo we have officially been put on blast. Nuccas complain about not knowing about any of our tourneys so lets start promoting them here too so more will come out.


Now you cats better show up to TST on August 14-15. No excuses or else I will assume you are free.

Also, RPGv2, you have my 40 dollars. I’m gonna need a runback on that drunk assbeating (nh) I was served.


Rest of Canada be free…no way!
For real winnipeg, it was nice meeting all you guys at EVO (This is Rob, the young looking white guy from GTA).


Rest of Canada be free…no way!
For real winnipeg, it was nice meeting all you guys at EVO (This is Rob, the young looking white guy from GTA).


so rob, how was the only other good cammy in canada (that ive heard of)? never seen killa sasa play, just heard


Ryan Hart stalks Winnipeg.

Dude was EVERYWHERE we were. In the elevators, walking out from the washroom, sitting in the finals, running into at the coke shop. Everywhere. Shit was hilarious.


Hey guys im coming down for the tourny in the fall with my bro. During the wait, feel free to add me online to get some games going.