Winnipeg MB, That summer tournament (3s, smash and others)

Dates: August 11 and 12
Location University of Manitoba Rooms 217 and 225 Ucentre

Games that will be played for sure

3s and ssbm. If you’re interested in coming out those games will most likely be running both days. First day will be pool play and the second day will be depending on entries but will be a double elim tournament to finish off the event.

Other games will depend on entries but theres a good chance of T5, VF5, ST, GGXX:AC will happen. Also a chance of MvC 2 happening as well. If somehow we get enough entries for a game we’ll hold a tournament for it.

Cost of games will vary depending on amount of entries. If a tournament gets atleast 8 entries cost will be $2 and the format would be a double elim tournament. If it gets 12 then the cost goes up to $5 and will be a double elim tournament. If it goes up to 16 then it will be $5 and will be pool play. Played over two days.

We have run tournaments before and are well aware of the usual rules used for the games played and have the proper equipment to run the games on the right console.

I recommend people from North Western Ontario, Saskatchewan or North Dakota to come on out, however…This is more of a local tournament. It won’t be worth coming here if you’re looking to make some big money but if you happen to be in town during that weekend and want some SF competition the by all means come on out.

If for some reason someone from out of town wants to come out I can provide some housing very a couple of people. If by chance you want to come and worried about housing PM me and I’ll see what I can do for you.

For more information visit

Thank you and have a nice day.

PS If you are interested in entering please visit the site and read up on how to sign up and the sign ups are very important as it helps for scheduling.

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