Winter Brawl 11 Results

  1. Nica K.O (Yang)
  2. Exodus (Dudley)
  3. EG | NYChrisG (Ryu / Yang)
  4. Dankah (Makoto)
  5. Therapist (Akuma)
  6. FrankieBFG (Ken)
  7. Gavin (Chun-Li)
  8. Jibbo (Hugo)

Entrants: 64

Stream Archive:

Decent turnout for a supposedly “dead” game & a variety of characters in top 8. Nice commentary from Nica K.O, Exodus, Dankah, and maybe a few others. Congrats to the top finishers and thank you to everyone responsible for running this event!


nica and his crew have really helped bring in a lot of new dudes afaik. ‘dead’ is yeah, really relative heh.

dan and kevin still got the touch.
i missed the stream, was at a devils game. thanks for the link i completely forgot.


Nice performance by Chris G.


Khang destroyed him so yeah good performance =P


On a serious note, im gonna upload it to youtube by end of the week for easier viewing


"kevin the player scares me more than makoto does"
truer words have never been spoken.

oddly enough the week before this tourney we were talking about how yang is OP until you understand the technical part of the matchup.
and also that coincidentally a number of strong US players use Yang.


that Therapist dude is pretty good. i enjoyed watching.