Winter Brawl X Results SFV


Hey guys here is the results of the tournament that was held not to long ago…

One thing ive noticed if you scroll all the way down you can see which characters were in the tournament, well what i notice is that every one uses Nash And ken in this tournament i know Nash is top tier but ken ,ken is bottom tier almost the worst character…
Tier list here

Why is there so many kens?
overal hes not that good at all, i can see why they pick Nash hes in top 3 but ken does anyone know why maybe good mixups?


Ken isn’t bottom tier. Ken’s damage is pants on head retarded. He isn’t top 3 but upper half of the cast is quite possible when meterless 40% from random jump-ins and his shimmy game leads to ridiculous damage. 1 CC st. RH into MK Tatsu->EX SRK is 40%.


Ken is really good.


Ohh that sounds good maybe i should drop ryu for ken.
Also there was like no ryu’s in the tournament lol


This news is older than Alex Valle…

  1. There is no universally accepted SFV tier list yet. People have a hazy idea of top 5s and what not, but there is still a lot of debate to it.

  2. Eventhubs tier lists are notoriously bad. Even for mature games with generally accepted tier lists, the event hubs lists are usually ridiculous.


Oh OK didnt know that im new to the fighting genre hehe


Those are just pretty popular characters played by pretty amazing players.


for every one intelligent vote on an eventhubs tier list, theres 5 stupid ones.

anyone can vote on those, even people who dont know how to block.


It’s R2 right?


Alex will win CEO