Winter Supremacy! - Fremont, CA - December 18th (RESULTS)


:lol: Game-Zone Recreation :tup:
GZR Nights: **Winter Supremacy!

:lol: I just want to say thank you to everyone that entered and came. We had more people then we expected. We had a total of 35 people enter the tournament.

Top 3:
1st: Filipino Champ
2nd: Grimmz
3rd: Noej

5th Batman77 :lol::wgrin:

GGs everyone Full Brackets will be put up later this week.
And also we’re trying get our recorded matchs up later on sort of an unlive stream.

:lol: Merry Christmas Everyone!!! :encore::party:

The brackets and results are on our website found here:
Game-Zone Recreation

Thanks everyone for coming we are working on pictures and the recorded matches. Also we are planing to have another tournament sometime in mid January. :cool::tup: