Frame data

Frame-by-frame visualization

Jump frame data

Diagonal jump;
empty: 35
dive kick: 34
LP: 50
MP: 50
HP: 50
LK: 43
MK: 47
HK: 58

Neutral jump;
empty: 35
LP: 50
MP: 54
HP: 50
LK: 44
MK: 44
HK: 52


Landing past fireballs from a vertical jump:


Landing past fireballs from a diagonal jump:



All opponents except Shotos, Dhalsim, Blanka, Vega, Elena:


Forward throw, hold forward to walk until Gouken’s front foot lands its second step, then jump in with Heavy Punch.
To block back-dashing you need to spam cr.HK during and after dj.HP. If they DWU, then you need to make your
safe-jump an empty-jump instead, as that is when you get enough time for a meaty attack on their DWU.


Longest range jumping attacks:







The biggest challenge against Abel is to accurately time our intercepting throw.

If we wrongfully neutral-jump, then Abel can combo with 2 EX to Ultra 1 for 486 damage & 270 stun.

If we rightfully neutral-jump, then Gouken can combo with 1 EX for 455 damage & 660 stun.



Rose controls this space, but this allows Gouken to slightly invade it.

Reserved for possibly more posts.

Reserved for possibly more posts.

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Reserved for possibly more posts.

ProudStrawberry wants to be proud of Gouken. ProudStrawberry asks… What the fuck is this?

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I don’t have the hardware nor software to professionally record videos for this guide, like safe-jumps and setups.

They need to be 60fps and 720p.

Would anybody like to help out with that?

I got you, let me know what’s up.

Great! I’ll fire a PM your way tomorrow :slight_smile:

Updated with a safe-jump with f.throw.

Let me make your job easy for you.


No offense, but I’m sure this will be taken the wrong way… but A LOT of this has already been figured out and done. Don’t re-invent the wheel, just find a way to make it roll better.

Almost all safe jump options now, should have an alt. in-case the opponent DWU’s.

I’m not saying stop exploring, but when you are doing the safe jumps consider the ones that have already been done and how they relate to DWU now.

Finding the ones that exploit DWU / Standard Rise AND beating reversal/autocorrect options are the most valuable in Ultra.

Many of the standard wake ones fail or put Gouken in a bad position when they to DWU.

The normal safe jump is good, but exploiting them and not putting Gouken in a bad position if they do DWU is key.

Dive Kick, dj mk, dj lk, dj hk, and empty jump can all put you in a position to beat standard and dwu options if you align it correclty. You can retain all of your OS’ and they all work mid screen and in the corner off of sweep, forward throw, back throw (but I don’t know why people do this), Super, Ultra 1, and Ultra 2.

There are even safe ways to reset people and force them into the safe situation.

I’m not interested in arguing about it, so you can take it for what it’s worth and ask if I’m confusing you or just claim I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Hey, I’m just happy for some input.

The good thing about the safe-jump that I’m showing is that it works on all characters with only four exceptions plus the Shotos.

After sweep, there is a similar safe-jump I use on about half the cast, and another on the other half.

How versatile are the safe-jumps that you prefer? With 44 characters on the roster it’s in my opinion not ideal to have a ton of setups to keep track of, especially this late in the SF4 era.

I agree. AND yes, what I use is pretty much universal across the board except the shoto’s and a few characters with meter that you have to treat a tad different.

The different Groups:

Either stuff them, make their reversal miss, or land early… no safe jumping the DWU

-Everybody Else- doesnt’ matter.

-**Hard **with Meter:
Yun, - his up kicks can catch you if you are not in perfect position to clip him
Dee Jay, - he auto corrects
Guy, - his ex hurricane has so much invincibility
Juri, - her ex pin wheel is active for so long that it will clip you
Honda, - his butt splash can catch you
Decapre, - her uppercut is active for so long and she can ex out, but you can os hk her
Rufus, - ex messiah is so active for so long
Blanka, - his late wake up is tricky
Zangief, - his lariat trades if you don’t hit him in the sweet spot
Hugo - his ex grab will snatch you if not done correctly

You have to consider a few things when you are doing them and grouping how to do them. I guess I will make a video to cover most of them now since SF4 is on it’s way out, it’s no need to hold on to it anymore.

Character Wake Up Off set Key–

-Blanka 2 frames late
-Cammy 1 frame late
-Sagat 1 frame late
-Decapre 1 frame late
-Sagat 1 frame late
-Everbody Else 0

Shoto’s have an alternate timing- but you can actually treat Akuma like a 4 frame reversal if you jump dead in his center, he will miss b/c his dp has a different hit box. You have to just make the shoto’s either get stuffed, make them whiff, or land early to avoid the dp. They will hit you if you land in front, except Akuma.

Akumas diff hit box- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HgFUA6KX34

Examples Harder Ones*


There’s also another one for Juri that actually nets you a full punish on her ex pin wheel.



Decapre- I will have to revideo this one, but I can shut down ALL of her options.