[WIP]HORDE COMBAT - Free open resource 3D fighting fantasy game

Today, we are proud to announce the project HORDE COMBAT, a free open resource 3D fighting fantasy game. It is the war between five races in Myth-earth:

Human: Wizard, Assassin, Barbarian…
Ogre: Orgk, Troll, Goblin…
Reptile: Dragon, Dinosaur, Lizardman…
Dwarf: Halfling, Gnome, Midget…
Elf: High Elf, Wild Elf, True Elf…

At the moment, there are some clips about the gameplay here




I really want to hear comments from you all.

For more information, please visit http://hordecombat.com/

Not actually seeing much ‘game play’ here since the moves don’t really seem to do anything. This is more of an ‘animation reel’ than anything else, so I’ll comment on that at least.

The characters look Ok. They are well modeled, but the designs are sort of uninspired in my opinion. They look exactly like the kind of characters you’d see in any fantasy game. I assume that’s what you were going for, but it feels a bit boring to me.

The animations are mixed. Parts of them look good, but other parts feel really clunky and do not flow well together. I’m guessing you’re using UFE and you’re using Mecanim for your animation system. Both are good, but you’re going to need to fine tune both if you want a good look. Mecanim is a big issue here actually. It’s great for normal games since you get to take advantage of retargeting and all that, but if you want a good flow to things, you really have to give your animations a lot of care. Even if you aren’t using Mecanim, you still need to make sure things flow together right.

Also, as a whole, everything is too slow. Move speed, animation speed, attack speed; everything.

Having said that, congrats on getting this far in your development. Keep at it and consider putting a demo out soon for people to play. You’ll likely get more feedback that way.

I have to use Mecanim because I want to publish this game’s animations to the community (open resource).
I will use Rigify of Blender so the other engines like Unreal Engine could import them too. Because I provide the .blend, so anyone could modify them to fit their purposes. All the .blend source files will be published to OpenGameArt. All additional animations like cloth, boob and butt jiggle, hair, cape… will be calculated in realtime.
At the moment, we are working on the next alpha demo with more features: hit boxes, blood effect, strike effect, hit effect, sound effect… It will demonstrate the gameplay more accurately. For example size difference between Orgk and Dwarf will impact the gamplay so much.

Humans are haughty
They conquered Myth-earth
The other races
Allied together
Defeated human
Just decade of peace
The war has begun
Forever again

In the first season of this game, humans have been exiled from Myth-earth. So they will not appear in this version.
The storyline will go around 11 characters:
Rikky - Crazy Horbich
Halfling race

Kuru - High Orc
Orge race

Dorthros - Two-heads Dragon
Reptile race

Thorlin - Ice Dwarf
Dwarf race

Iraes - Trueborn Elf
Elf race

Kane - Centaur Duird
Centaur race

Lusife - Hellman
Oni race

Shirel - Silent Mermaid
Mermaid race

Shrall - Tigerman
Beastman race

Kairi - Dark Angel
Angel race

Jack - Blind Titan
Titan race

The name of this game is HORDE COMBAT, its meaning is not only about a chaos battle, it is also the abbreviation of eleven races is this fantasy game:

  • Halfling
  • Ogre
  • Reptile
  • Dwarf
  • Elf
  • Centaur
  • Oni (means Demon in Japanese)
  • Mermaid
  • Beastman
  • Angel
  • Titan

We are working hard on the first playable demo, I wish I could publish it before 1/1/2016.

Brace yourself, horde is coming!

What’s up with that camera angle?

We are adding weapon trail effect, hit effect, sound effect …
Many people complaint that the animations are slow, so I increased the animation speed up to 140%.


I’ve just create the first stage, there is a ancient tomb inside it.


Animation still looks whack.

Camera needs to be lower to the ground.

Items on the foreground covering characters is a no-no.

Yeah you should really focus on getting the ground work done before you start adding new things. You’re not going to enjoy having to go back and fix problems like strange animations.

@d3v Yes, I will put the camera lower.
I will also rearrange the items, so they will not cover characters so much (just a little).
We are recreating smoother basic animations too (current animations are just for initial prototype)
For example, this is a simple jump kick animation we are working


Well the animation you posted is technically smoother, but it isn’t all about smoothness when it comes to animation. That jump kick lacks impact. It feels like hes just sliding into the pose with no secondary motion or wind-up. When it comes to fighting games, you have to hit poses very quickly, and said poses have to be strong and well-defined.

Id recommend finding a game that you like and referencing how they do it.

Thanks for your long comment, the impact of jump kick animation will be created inside game engine with shake effect and force effect. I will demonstrate the technique in next 24 hours.

Here is the test of Elf’s Fire Kick, I will add more details later so it could look like Mortal Kombat


The animation just looks unpolished. The problem is that only the leg is moving, making it look very lifeless and artificial. Her entire body should me moving as she does the kick.

Yes, I will improve the animation now.

The workflow is:
First, I create simple animation in Blender.
Second, export to Unity for testing, add force and effect (sound, hit effect, particle…), just make sure they could fit together in gameplay.
Third, come back to Blender and add more details to the animation, the export again.

I recreate this animation follow Mortal Kombat style (Idle animation still has a bug, I will fix it later)


you should really not be attempting to follow MOrtal Kombat style at all. that game is a very comprehensive guide on things not to do with your animations

@TMNTemps : Could you explain more details why I shouldn’t follow Mortal Kombat style?

Fighting style is my main concern now. I found some old school fighting games with fantasy theme, and unfortunately, none of them is popular.




I’m still in my way, just looking for an appropriate fighting style for the first playable demo.

Because’ MK’s animation style is stiff and janky as fuck.

Yeah MK’s animations are not good. It keeps me from playing the game. The animations are so awkward that nothing really feels right.

The new double kick you posted is marginally better, but it still needs a lot of improvement.

MK’s animations always felt like they were done by people who have no real grasp on the basic principles of animation. Nothing has any real weight to it. You need to consider this too. Your key poses aren’t well defined and it’s too hard to tell what the intent is.

Don’t reference MK for animation. Do a google search for games with great animation and study how they do it.

Street Fighter has some decent animation, but their key poses are top-notch. Skullgirls has great animation with equally (if not better) key posing. Since you’re doing a weapon based fantasy game, look at Soul Calibur as well. Soul Calibur 4 should be perfect for you since it’s a fairly slow game. Also, look at Smash. Say what you will about the game, but they have some of the best animations and clearly defined poses that I’ve seen. They manage to make everything very clear even though the characters are often very small.