[WIP] Initial view of the game / ranking - will add matchup details eventually



I wanted to summarize my thoughts here for now.

Pretty ‘basic’ Street fighter with emphasis on footsies.
Characters like Laura/Rashid/R.Mika are mix-up based and I hate them. These types of characters can break a game - so far it’s not too bad. Alex, Juri and Urien scare me though.
Combos are mad easy. Still have to be clean with execution.
Throws are super good and corner is a killer.
Damage/stun are off the charts. You get full meter every round. -_-

Online play
Matchmaking is stupid
5-connection doesn’t mean it won’t lag

Subjective view on online rank
[] Bronze - people here don’t know how to block. Just press buttons faster and with more force, and you’ll win.
] Silver - people here don’t know how to play. Be solid, bait unsafe moves and punish accordingly to win.
[] Gold - people here don’t know how to adapt. Find something that works by experimenting various tactics. You often can use the same setup over and over to win.
] Platinum - pros! you need to know how to block, how to play sf, how to mixup and how to not be predictable to get here.

[] Things to punish[list]
] f+hp is -7 on block, which means you can always sweep it!
[] his slide is -5, but usually too far. at best, you can s.short it. only combos into super pending range.
] Things to lookout[list]
[] can neutral jump most of his command grab from more than 1/2 screen away for a full jumpin punish
] command grab setups?
[*] Other notes

[] Things to punish[list]
] Slide is -12, but s.strong, c.forward, fierce DP seems to be the most reliable punish. theoretically you can get b+rh but depends on range.
[] every stomp/devil’s reverse should be DPed if possible. it only crosses up when bison is in vtrigger, so crosscut DP it.
] dash - I swear s.jab punishes this clean (I.E. s.jab, c.jab, dp) but you have to be fast. you can guess neutral-jump which is relatively safe, or go for throws/techs.
[] crossup j.short - wtf I can’t dp this… ever! you can try to parry it but no guarenteed punish. just try not to be in this range. hahahah.
] df+hp is safe, but every single bison will go for c.strong after. DP it a few times to get them to stop.
] Things to lookout[list]
[*] bison has no overheads! NONE! (other than his stomps/jumpins)

[*] b+rh is your friend.















I gotta say this is pretty arrogant post, and that’s not even because we already have threads for all the information here.


thanks for your opinion - care to provide more feedback? i definitely generalized, but i don’t know how that makes a post ‘arrogant’


I think he’s probably talking about your assessment of the Bronze, Silver, and Gold ranks of online players. It does sound like you’re being pretty dismissive of anyone who’s not Platinum, which at this point is a tiny sliver of the total player base. A lot of top players who rank well in tournaments are still at Gold!

Personally, I would phrase it like this:

0 - 1000LP: These players are just getting started. They may not be able to do special moves consistently, and very likely don’t know their optimal combos in each situation. They will panic under pressure and often have a “favourite tactic” that forms the basis of their gameplay, e.g. HK Tatsu followed by DP with Ken, or j.HK into sweep.

1000-2000LP: These players are familiar with their character, and learning the ins and outs of the game. They will be able to consistently use combos, although often they will not be optimal. They have a grasp of how their character SHOULD play (i.e. mixup/defensive/footsies/rushdown), but will get flustered if things don’t go their way. There are usually a few key deficiencies, and this could be anything from poor reactions for anti-airing, poor knowledge of what is punishable, or poor ability to vary offensive strategies.

2000-3000LP: These players are solid. They have mastered the basics of their character and are now beginning to work on understanding the matchups better. They are able to adapt within a match to the opponent’s habits and know to pressure when the opponent seems flustered.

3000-4000LP: These players are very good. They have a good idea of how each matchup should be played, and are working towards optimal punishes in most situations. They are learning to be comfortable in stressful situations like being under frame pressure, being at a life disadvantage with little time left, or being knocked down. There are still rough spots in their game, and an extremely effective offence is still able to fluster them, but on a good day, they are capable of beating almost anyone.

4000+: These are exceptional players who have the potential to be top players in their local scene. Having familiarised themselves with their character and the matchups, their main goal now is to learn to understand an opponent as quickly as possible once the match begins. They will usually, if not always, know and execute optimal punishes, and are rarely caught by gimmicks.

I mostly agree on your assessment of the game - although I think Laura and Rashid are well balanced. Mika is a puzzle for me. Even when I watch top level players fight her, it seems like if she’s up close it’s a genuine guessing game half the time. I hope they nerf her mixup potential and buff her footsies capability a bit, personally. Just a little bit, as she still needs to be a grappler.

In terms of the matchups list, I appreciate the character breakdown, and this forum hasn’t found a way to present this easily yet, but it’s true that a lot of matchup knowledge has already been offered in the matchup thread!


Lol dem emotional swings. I just went from a trash player to a solid one in four posts.