[WIP] Xbox 360/Wii T6 Hori Fightstick


Ok so i got this idea after playing TvC on a classic controller, and then playing SFIV on xbox 360 on my T6 Stick. "Hmm i wonder if i can squeeze this classic controller into this stick and have a dual PCB stick for 2 totally diff sticks, cause i know i can buy a cthulu and do all that but a Wii cross platform in a small Jap stick seems like a challenge. So i researched the wiring guide for the classic controller actually one of the most simple hacks, like the old PS2 stick hacks. So i then searched for the tri wing screw drivers today… Fail! Aparently Radio Shack and Home Depot dont carry them but a cool (ex nasa) worker there helped me and told me where i could acquire such a screw driver set, its called a Tamper Driver set i believe. Didnt have enough time to go to Harbor Freight and get it so i bought a sweet Husky precision driver set with a flexible extension head which is good for getting in some hard places but i rarely need it. Moving along, I used a small flat head to loosen the screws on both the T6 stick and the classic controller, the top 2 screws on the CC were deep in there and required me to shave the outside edges to fit the bit in to unscrew, had to shave off quite a bit.

well here is the stick im using:

bought for $20 from a friend… can be bought for about $40 online most places

here is the guts of both sticks:

here is where im planning to put the classic controller:

Underneath the Xbox’s PCB of course and ill remove the large circle ill also find a way to hold the CC PCB to the Hori base

here is the size and placement of where i want the CC PCB to be:

and here is the wiring guide for the CC:

I know some people out there will mod the T6 stick by removing the gaudy and huge button board in which the buttons are attached, but im lazy and wont do too much unless it causes me problems during the build. And i know its the original crappy buttons, but untill i get more money or they break on me i wont upgrade to Semietsu’s… just yet

It should be about 3 days before i finish this project, between work and home life i dont have too much time to devote to this as i would like, but the hardest part will be to solder and make this look somewhat pretty.

any suggestions or comments are welcome


Don’t forget to hack the analog triggers. Otherwise the L and R buttons probably won’t work in most Wii games.
undamned made a pictured step-by-step solution here, although that is for the GameCube analog triggers.
I don’t know it exactly, but I think it should be the same hack for the Classic Controller as well. Don’t take my word for it though.

Looking forward to see that finished :slight_smile:


Well the CC does not have analog trigger only the sticks are analog but I don’t think I’ll need more than six buttons, maybe for street fighter 2 but beyond that I’m only using this for tvc right now


But the CC HAS analog triggers.
It’s the same thing as the GC controller.
And you will have to do the trigger hack, otherwise the L and R buttons will not work.
And as far as I know you can’t map the zL and zR buttons as attack buttons in TvC.

I mean, you won’t really need six buttons for TvC anyway, but just to be on the safe side (and for making the triggers definitely work) I recommend you to hack the triggers.
Though I don’t know if unhacked triggers work in VC games like (S)SF2(T).


Hmm that’s interesting, looking at the guts it doesn’t look like they are analog, I’ll have to test with my untouched cc to see if the buttons can be mapped or not, thanks for the info.


TvC can be remapped to avoid using the triggers, if you’re okay with a 4 button scheme. I had to do this with my CC padhack because I’m not good enough with resistors and the multimeter to figure out how to handle the triggers.


Yeah when I make xbox controllers I just bypass the triggers so I don’t have to deal with that. I’m good with a 4 button setup for TvC