Wipeout HD: Racing Euphoria

:woot:Game should drop today around 5-5:30 est when ever PSN Store does thier update for today!

Whos all getting on it

Post up your PSN Name and lets get these games going i cant wait!!! :lovin:

I’m getting it but I haven’t played Wipeout before and I hear the learning curve is pretty steep, so…

Only if you want to beat JPN time trials and zones. Regular racing shouldnt be to hard for you just remember to learn lines into corners and only brake when you need to some corners you dont even need to air brake you just need a good line and hug the fucking peak as close as you can but thats all practice

Are the medals zone 75 …ugh that shit will be :mad:

But racing with 8 people man i cant wait and i have ALL tommorow off dude i need my wipeoutfix NOW!!!


I just might get this


for this


GET IT NOW!!! :woot:

Downloadin’ now.


I just went to gamestop and picked up a new controller because i only had my HRAP 2 SA. Im at 63% SWEEEEETTTT i cant wait till its done. Hurry!! The rest of america will be jumping on in like an hour or so and i dont want slow ass download.

GamerTag GenMA add me lets get a SRK private race anyone with headset?

Done! Sweeeeettt!!!


Damn I need to get up on this. I’m not a wipeout expert but i’m no slouch either.

Advice to newbies, learn when to you need to airbrake, when you need to release the gas, and by how much.

wow this looks good! il have to download this for sure…

ITS REALLY GOOD online is V.fun. and zone mode tracks are ambiant then when you play your OWN music you get like this equalizer effect that gets imbeded into the track. OMFG! like im tearing because i really needed my wipeout fix.

Got on this short cut fell off hit left right left did a barrel roll and that shit gives you a speed boost too !?! :cool:

ANYONE who has a surround sound this game is a REAL treat for the ears v nice

wow this game has a stupid pilot assist mode. I hope they will have the option to host races without this or make people who use his assist slow down.

It’s like 10x easier with it on. You can’t hit the walls unless you’re a complete lunatic racing.

good people just like in other games will always smoke the lames with pilot assists on trust i have done it ALOT today. learning lines and getting this 3x boosts that are laid out in a row and hell and even on some of the later tracks its damn near impossible to keep a good line to get all of the boosts that are laid out on the perfectline with that garbage on.

Hey, at least I can learn the track with Assist on :wgrin:

See, this Pilot Assist feature is great for noobs like myself, who are either too tired or lazy to bother racing at 100%.
Besides, we’re slower so why do you care? :lol:

I haven’t played Wipeout till the PSP games, but they got me hooked on the series and I’m pretty good, lookout for my PSN tag. And yeah, online for this game is flawless so far.

SHIT IS GOOODDD! Taito add me up Some guys on there from america already have Harimau!?! wtf kids must like being up 12 hours straight playing a game. lawlz cant blame them i almost did.

Keep Practicing up people the leaderboards arent updated but i just landed 2nd on some track i dont even know the name too in Flash and Rapier. top tier son! Come get meeeee >_<

Another thing ive noticed is ALWAYS try for the barrel roll because you can get it EVEN with VERY little air time. and it adds a boost also if you notice your going off your line double tapping the air brake either side the lil shift then steer slightly back into your line thing is REALLY GOOD

Just bought the game and DL’ing it now. Any recommendation for music I should put into the game? Or is the music good enough already?

If you played the other games id say the music is decent and fits the game not bad at all but just go search for hella trance and or epic tracks like Harry Gregson shit it all fits in the game nicely