Wipeout HD: Racing Euphoria

Lol alright, I’ve been playing for a bit, I made it to the second event so far, having a hard time on some tracks because I can’t get down a line or pattern to go into turns all that well. I’ve never been that good at racing games. Lol. How’s the online play for this game?

Great once you get over the learning curve, but ive been playign wipeout for years so it was v easy to pick up

Game is amazing. Hopefully I will see some of you online. PSN is SquaLLio if some of you want to race.

That it is add me if you ever need some advice just PM me.

Well, whatever. I’ve always loved Racing games, I’m not one of those elitist guys that love simulators and hate arcade style, but good racing games like gran turismo and wipeout do take skill.

There’s nothing quite like racing at full speed and perfecting, or taking a corner correctly with as much speed as you possible can.

It’s almost like street fighter to me, I try to race with no mistakes, because at the higher level or like when you’re trying to get a gold in time trial, one mistake means it’s over.

The pilot assist mode assists you like crazy in this game.

I just picked up the game yesterday. I’ve never really played a wipeout game before but its pretty fun. I’m pretty bad at it but I’ll maybe learn to get better at it. Looks pretty though.

I suck but I’m willing to play anyone here.

DaFeetLee is the PSN.


Okay, since I’m a complete noob to Wipeout games for the most part. What exactly is ‘Zone’ type tracks? I can’t get anything better then a damn bronze on ANY of them.

Zone is basically a “drive as long as you can without crashing” mode. So keep playing and you’ll get better at it.

I see, that’s why I suck so hard at it. Lmao.

LMAO yea dont forget in zone you dont need to hit the accelerator and also dont for get to use shift and try not to turn into any corner until the VERY last minute when your going hella fast you dont need to lead turn into anything except the sharpest turns

Anyone cant connect to Wipeout HD online atm?

wait? what? You don’t turn at all? You use the airbrakes and shift to turn? The way I play I tend to airbrake very early when I’m going super fast and then start turning.

id get used to not hitting your regular turn in zone because there is a trophy for you to get to zone 50 with just air brakes and shift

Online is back up

just got this, dl’ing now. im not sure im going to hit up online until i learn to play though :arazz:

Won two online races so far. Do they keep track of your wins, or do you just race and win and that’s it?

Oh man after playing for like 2 hours I still can’t finish higher than 5th on the first race. Any tips for a complete and utter noob. Cause this is getting ridiculous.

Do you have pilot assist on? Cause if you do, your thrust is slower than if you had it off.

Took me maybe, 5 minutes to adjust? The game is fairly easy to learn. It’s just a matter of side shifting appropriately and hitting your break at the right moment. Side shift is too good, btw. That shit saved my ass online from a missile attack.

Side shifting is really good IMO when you get it mastered you can use it as a quasi auto pilot as for certain corrections it will actually put your car on a good line. :slight_smile: its GOD for rapier/Phantom modes