WIPs thread


Don’t need to follow up with the finished version later, just post your current WIPs.


not the whole thing, just a snippet.


hummmm gonna sound dumb, but whats a wip ?

didnt think you still went on srk but hey :tup:


I’m guessing work in progress


here’s my HRAP EX custom faceplate WIP:



Hm. My old one got deleted, eh?

Because I deleted it. Bwahaha. More stickart.


Part of the Sengoka Basara series I’m going to put up for free use in IMM. Only got Sasuke and Keiji done so far.

I’m hoping to have prem avs for Yukimura, Date, Shingen, Mitsuhide, Oda, Kasuga, Kenshin, Ichi, (maybe) Nagamasa, Ieyasu, Honda, and Kojuro. Sorta a lot, but I’m hoping to have them thrown down in the next couple of days. I can see work and school getting in the way of that, though.