Wire for 30mm buttons

I just bought the parts for my first custom arcade stick. In my eagerness, I forgot to order the wire used to connect the buttons though. I got a pre-built cthulu (sp?) board, and OBSF 30 buttons. My question is do I need to put another order in to get the wire for these, or could I get something that will do the trick at like RadioShack or Best Buy?

Thanks in advance!

Radioshack has a set of 3 colored 22 AWG wire that I use. I love that stuff, use it for almost all my jobs. Make sure you have a stripper and a crimper too.

18-22 awg wire and .110 quick disconnects

Awesome! Thanks for the info. Can I also get the .110 quick disconnects there? I couldn’t find any on the page. Are the “really” needed?

You won’t find that size Quick Disconnect at RadioShack.

And you do not need them.
Just solder wire directly to Button if you want to.

You can still use .187 QD’s, just use pliers to flatten them out so they dont fall off.

I have about 50 .110" QDs, I’ll give you them for your stick if you just pay shipping.

better yet homedepot/lowes just get a few feet of telephone wire, It’s 24awg and there 4 strands per cable for around 20 cents a foot :slight_smile: