Wire looms

I was hoping to find out where everybody gets wire looms for the wiring in their stick. I want to clean up the wiring in my stick and a wire loom is the perfect way to go about it.

An example of how I would like to clean up my wiring with looms:


That would be techflex my friend, I got mine off ebay in bulk a year or so ago so and can love it.
Thanks for using the compact case btw :wgrin:


here’s a cleaner example

Those things look so good. They are just what I need since my case is clear (and that eBay shop has pink which is perfect for my case theme)! It’s just that random stuff like that is really hard to come by here on Guam, lol. Do you have a suggestion on which size to use (1/4", 1/2", etc)? And also, would you suggest using those alone at all or do they need the heat shrink stuff on the ends?

Those are the 1/8" model, but I would probably suggest going for the 1/4". They can be used alone, but heatshrink at the ends make things a lot cleaner.

Thanks for the info souji5! I bought 25 ft of pink 1/4" Techflex. Can’t wait to clean up the wiring in my case and take pictures. It’s a mess in there, lol.

Got my Techflex in and rewired my stick. Not as clean as souji5’s work, but I still think it’s pretty damn clean for my first time! Only bad part was I managed to break the turbo on my PS360 when I rewired it (tightened the screw terminal for it too much?) =/

nicely done, looks a lot more neater and professional :3

Definitely just ordered some techflex for my TEK-CASE. Tech for TEK!

Also, what happened to Turbo? Did the wire come loose or what?

If you want more variants you should also check out

Sleeving/Heatshrink - FrozenCPU.com ?

A lot of people use this to sleeve up PSUs and stuff for a nice clean look.

If I get a tek case I might consider going UV sleeves, just thinking about how sick that would look with some UV leds or something.

I am guessing I overtightened the one screw terminal (it’s on the end) because it seemed to break off it’s solder to the board. I am guessing it may be fixable but I don’t have the skills to fix it xP.

Home depot sells them also. In the electrical dept. They are the spiral wraps.

Actually only one thing would make this wiring more perfect.

Pink heat shrink wrap at the ends of the wires :3

Should be able to just solder the wire back onto wherever it broke off.

Unless if you can’t, and that makes me sad :sad:.

It’s the screw down terminal that broke, not the wire. It’s no biggie though. Since I was using the 11-button setup which has back/turbo on the same button, I just had a small wire chained from the back button terminal to the turbo button terminal. I can just solder the small wire to the board where the turbo terminal is soldered to the board and still have the other end screwed into the back button terminal and it will work just fine.

As far as the heat shrink tubing goes. I’ve never worked with that before either (this stick is my first time working with everything dealing with a stick, lol). But there are some local guys that can prob help me out. It is something I definitely would like to do. The cleaner the better!

Just slip the heat shrink around the ends, then heat it to shrink it. Keeps it from fraying and also makes the edges tighter.