Wire ripped out of quick disconnect


When I was replacing my buttons I accidentally ripped the wire out of the quick disconnect because I’m a dumbass. What would I have to do to reconnect the wire? Or what would I need to buy to replace it? The wires were really easy to disconnect and reconnect to the actual stick so I’m sure there is something I could buy. Pics of the quick disconnect and the wire are down below.


Thanks in advance


Option 1: solder the quick disconnect back on. Just tin the back/top of the quick disconnect and the wire harness before attempting to mate them. (requires a soldering iron, solder, wire strippers, and possibly some sort of rosin flux if there isn’t any in your solder.)

Option 2: If you’re not handy with a soldering iron, you could crimp a new disconnect on. The Japanese style disconnects might be hard to come by at your local hardware store though. (requires a new quick disconnect, crimping pliers, wire strippers)


But those Japanese style disconnects are available from many online arcade part sellers such as Paradise Arcade and Focus Attack where they sell for 10 cents each


I only mentioned the local hardware store in case OP was expecting to pick up a few locally and get back into the game asap. In my experience, an american connector WILL work on a Japanese terminal. But they don’t slide on and off as nicely. However, it might be a better alternative than 10 cents, plus whatever the shipping charge will be. I wouldn’t be surprised if that stupid disconnect costs over 3$ with shipping.


It’s a quick fix with soldering iron. If you don’t have one or know how to do it, I think it’s time to get one and learn.


Substituting for the incorrect part always causes more issues in the end. You aren’t finding connectors for 10 cents each at your local Home depo or Lowes

There are hardware and automotive stores that do carry 0.110 sized disconnects (they aren’t actually Japanese style disconnects, just the arcade parts they made to are Japanese style)
But they will charge you $9 or more for a box of 4, or you can bulk order a whole bunch on the cheap on amazon for cheap and have spares.

Here Amazon links for 100 pk of 0.110 sized disconnects

$5.16 + $4.80 shipping

$8.28 with free shipping using Prime

Also Paradise Arcade and Focus Attack has precrimped wiring with the .110 disconnects already on them.


bonus option: get a wire stripper (or maybe use some scissors carefully), strip the wire, twist the threads, wrap the wire around the disconnect well, glue it or tape it. but thats just for a clutch situation but for a more permanent fix go for the options above (especially if you’re interested in modding).


Thanks for the responses guys, I’m probably going to buy a pack of new quick disconnects and crimp the wire myself but I do have one more question:

If I buy the precrimped wiring how would I connect the wires to the black connector that I plug into the case of the stick?


You’d have to splice the new pre-crimped wire with the leftover wire that you ripped the QD off of. There are many ways to do this but I recommend solder and heat shrink. If you don’t want to solder you can use a barrier strip (European style ones are easier to work with), closed end connectors, scotch locks, etc.