Wire Sanwa button/joystick on Hori commander 4


Hello, i’ve already check the thirdpad thread but i don’t really understand how to wire the ground cable. i can’t upload an image for now. i will add it more later. but if someone know where i need to solder it?


You wire the ground to the ground spot on the USB. No offense but if that’s beyond what you understand this might not be the best project for you, unless I’m misunderstanding your problem.

If it’s the only PCB going into your stick make a daisy chain ground wire or two if you want a separate one for your S/S/H buttons, (maybe even 3 if your stick uses .187 connectors), then connect them to the ground spot on the USB, and the buttons to the sides of the copper pads that aren’t ground.

If it’s a dual mod and the original PCB is already set up, just connect the D+ and D- to an IMP or DPDT and then connect the ground on the USB and the VCC on the USB to the other PCB’s ground and VCC and you should be all set.