Wire Sleeves/Heatshrink

I want to get sleeves for my arcade stick for the wiring but ive never bought sleeves before so im thinking about this site: http://www.frozencpu.com/cat/l1/g35/SleevingHeatshrink.html?id=FGZAPDCY

But also what size should i be getting i dont want to get a size thats too big or too small to fit in the wires. thanks!

it all depends on what guage wire you use… I’m using 1/4 inch techflex since my wire of choice is 26GA… I wouldnt go any bigger than 3/8 but that is just preferance… the 1/4 will flex out well enough for me… its really your call…

Sizes are usually given for before the heat shrink tubing is shrunk. When not indicated, heat shrink tubing shrinks down two times smaller. Therefore in the case of 1/2" tubing, you could expect to snug up any bundle of material between 1/4" and 1/2" in diameter. However, it is best to not trust in vague descriptions and have the target diameter fall well within range rather than use a given size tubing at the minimum or maximum.

Braided cable sleeving should work like so: compressing the sleeving should let you accommodate a higher diameter, so you will want to size it accordingly, or slightly undershoot. To an extent, you can fit a higher diameter cord (or bundle of wires) at the expense of lost sleeve length.