Wire Stripper

Hey guys, what wire stripper do you use? I’m tired of my old $2 job that is rusted and dull and strips a few strands off from the inside wire.

I want something good. Any suggestions?

I like this one of mine.


It cuts cleanly, and I’ve never had a problem with cutting the inside wires.


I was raised on Klein. Nice tough design, comfortable grip, clean cuts every time, clean strips.

A $32 one from Klein Tools.

I use a knife/scissors/fingernails. Super pro.

I have a friend who uses his teeth and scissors. I do snip with scissors when trying to be super precise.

Very very very fine nail clippers. Have to be careful though but once you get it down, it works so well haha/

I use an adjustable one from Radio Shack, since I work with several types of wire (including 30 AWG).

I think mine cost around three dollars at home depot…

I have this Irwin. It works well.

What’s a wire stripper? I use a razor blade. Works great once you get it down, although I do only work with solid wire, stranded wire probably doesn’t work to well. I use telephone wire that is 24 guage if you need good wire as well.

Anyway, stripping with a single razor blade work great. If you want to do it faster you can use two in a / shape, but I find that they tend to slide. The Klein Wire strippers work great, but I don’t use one enough to justify $30.;

I use myNeiko strippers mostly but I also use scissors and wire snips. Depends on what I’m doing. My Neiko is my favorite, though.

Those of you saying you use razors/scissors/teeth/etc… doesn’t your hand start to hurt after like 20+ cables? I hate when i make a new stick and there are so many damn cables to strip. That’s the main reason id like to find something better. I like the idea of that Irwin one from rtdzign nice and quick and fairly automatic. I’ve read good things about klein but those are all very manual looking, although if they were sharp and accurate i suppose it would cut down on the problems I have with my old cheap pair.

Thanks for all the replies!

Automatic ones are not good.
How they do the insulation is very bad.

Cheap ones of course.
If you want automatic, go $60 and higher.