Wire up PS360 and PiiWee together?


Whats the best way to wire them up together? Im trashing the xbox 360 pcb and selling my mc cthulhu:amazed:


The same way you would any two common ground pcbs… (link the signals, ground and vcc together)


like papertigre said, it is the same as any other dual mod link sigs, gnd, and vcc. 1 thing to remember tho is that you are not gonna use a usb with the piiwee so you have to have a hole comin out of your case or deal with opening it up to connect it to a wiimote. Sometimes people forget that and are screwed at the end so just make sure you keep that in mind when planning.


You could also wire up both to an RJ-45. PiiWee uses 3 data wires, PS360 uses 2, and then 2 for the common VCC/GND. 1 will be unused. Then make your system cables appropriately. If you have MC Cthulhu, I’d assume you’d have made system cables before. So, you can wire up your USB cable the same on the PS360, and then use the extras for your PiiWee.


Because I’m slow and I’ve never dual modded anything, so just connect a wire from all the buttons, directions and ground from one board to the other?

Also does the PiiWii come fully assembled or is it strictly solder?

Im building my Kraylix cabinet soon and was thinking of putting my wii in there along with my 360.