I have a Hauppauge HD PVR. I’ve recently installed Wirecast to stream some marvel/ae.

I use the wirecast desktop presenter program to capture the video from total media extreme (the hd pvr software).

i can see and hear video off of total media extreme, and i can see the video on my wirecast, however the audio bar shows no movement.

anyone have a similar issue or know how i can get around this? i like the various options and tweaks wirecast provides, but if i can’t fix this glaring issue i will just purchase dynno universal broadcaster while it is still cheap.

please help


Funny you made this thread as i was going to make one similar to it. I also have the same setup that you have however i didnt know you could use the desktop presenter to get the screen captured for the wirecast. How did you do that? could you send me a pm with the proper intructions?

but to answer your question what i did when i had the dazzle is i went to radio shack and bought a audio y spiltter. i took the red cable that was going to the tv and put that in the y spiltter and i put that in my mic slot on my laptop


get virtual audio cable to pickup sound from total media extreme


damn and i just deleted VAC because i thought i didn’t need it anymore >< ugh.

As for using desktop presenter, I think you have to download it first. go to the help tab in wirecast, and one of the options is download desktop presenter and updates, get that. install that and then use it. it will list all your input devices, and then you just set it to whatever you want it to capture. pretty easy.

If lower thirds and names and graphics and transitions are just too much for you,

you can always you dyyno which is a broadcasting program for ustream. it is like $49 from now until the 31st, i was planning on getting it but i prefer the complexity and abilities of wirecast instead. even if it does have the extravagant pricetag. first i got to guarantee that this will work with my hauuppauge tho… spent so much on this device!


What do i do with VAC? I used the normal audio controls with VAC, and set virtual audio cable 1 as my playback and recording device. Wirecast recognizes this but the sound becomes very echoed on my stream according to my viewers… can someone walk me through the process? I have windows 7 and VAC 4.09


mute wirecast in the system volume mixer


i am not sure i know how to do this, but i think i do, i hope it works and if it does you are the man. how do i rep up in this forum?!


Figured I’d bring this thread back to life as I’m having problems with this same setup.

I’m using an HD PVR on Windows 7 64 bit. I’m trying to stream through Wirecast. Since I have Windows 7, I don’t have access to stereo mixer, which makes this a lot harder. As you guys know, Wirecast won’t pick up the audio coming from Total Media Extreme, the program used to capture the HD PVR’s video.
I have Virtual Audio Cable on my computer, but I have no idea how to use it. I have version 4.10 which is the most up to date version. I have the basic concept of what to do, it’s just it doesn’t really work…

When I go into VAC, I run the control panel as administrator and set 1 cable up. I then go to Audio Repeater (MME)… KS freezes on me anytime I try to use it. Then biggest problem with this is that, when I go to MME, it doesn’t show my computer speakers as a viable audio input. Only as an output… With KS though, it does show my speakers as an available input. But you see the problem here? I CAN’T USE KS BECAUSE ANYTIME I HIT START, MY COMPUTER FREEZES!!!

Anyways, does anyone else here have this same problem? I really need a fix for this, as I can’t seem to get audio working with Wirecast. I have really good video that’s just waiting to be reunited with his pal audio. If anyone has an alternative to using VAC, please let me know. I’ve tried searching for a driver to get stereo mix on my computer, but with no success.


I see that your stream is running fine now, how did you end up getting through the audio problem? I have no idea where to start with VAC.


Well, I dropped Hauppauge all together, lol. But xSplit works decent with Hauppauge these days.


Yeah… I would rather use xsplit too but I don’t want to pay a subscription fee for it :frowning: