Wired Connection Much Slower Than Wireless?

So I have a wireless router in my apartment for my laptop and formerly ps3. I have RR Turbo so I get 15-25 mb/s dl speed. I recently decided to run my ps3 via wired connection from the router. Now when I go run speed tests on my laptop I get the normal 15-25 mb/s dl speed, but when I test the speed on the wired ps3 I can only get 4-6 mb/s. Does anyone know what’s causing this and how to fix it? This wasn’t happening when the ps3 was wireless and I haven’t changed setting on the router since then.

Are you using the same ethrenet cable on the laptop as the PS3? Sounds like the cable isnt allowing the full bandwith.

I get a mb or 2 more on speedtest.net when I’m wired in with my PS3.

i just switched the ps3 back to wireless and it’s only getting 4-6 mb just like when it was wired so it’s not the ethernet cable. the laptop gets the full speed whether it is wireless or connected via ethernet cable

so I guess the title should be that for some reason the PS3 is only getting 1/3 - 1/2 of the speed it should be

Ports forwarded?

Yes, everything is set up through virtual servers etc

it looks like lots of ppl have this problem: http://www.computing.net/answers/consolegaming/playstation-3-and-my-internet-speed/69.html