Wired connection vs. Strong Wireless Connection

Hey guys,

Couple of questions

For those of you who play online… Have any of you noticed a difference between wiring up your PS3 (or XBOX) vs. using its wireless internet function. I have a very strong wireless internet connection that I have been using. However, im thinking it will just be better for me to hard wire it.

My main question is: do you notice better connections with the wired (more people with higher connectivity bars, less dropped games, easier for people to connect to you etc?)

and on the flip side… Does anyone here who uses wireless just not have any problems at all?

And Finally, anyone who had a Strong wireless connection then switched to a wired connection. Any thing noticed there?

Reason im asking is that I can wire my ps3 to my router, however its just a royal pain (due to the location of the router and ps3). Just want to hear some feedback.


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I have a strong wireless connection, but even though I did, I still got lag every now and then. Switched over to wired and it made a world of difference.

:wonder: I say stick with the wired connection. I’ve tried wireless once on my PS3 and wasn’t impressed with it but have had no problems with it since I wired it to my router. I don’t plan on switching back.

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No one can beat my kind of connection.

My computer is using a wireless computer; and I installed another network card and ran a crossover cable from my computer to my Ps3 which emulates a wired connection for the Ps3 and it plays perfectly smooth :smiley:

The wired connection would be a much better option. I used to do wireless on the PS3 because of how far my ps3 was from my router, I have since switched over to doing wired with PowerLine adapters which let you have wired connections throughout your whole house by way of power outlets. Google it to see if you’re interested, they work wonders.

+1 to corp. Thanks for talking about this. I never knew it existed until now and it’s the very thing I need.

dont use bluetooth headset with wireless connection while playing fighting games :). will lag even at 4 bars.

Not true at all for me. Me (in Texas) and a guy in Michigan play all the time (ST2HDR and SF4) and we BOTH have headsets (his is mic/phones, mine is Sony PS Bluetooth) and we never have lag. I’m wireless…I don’t know if he’s wired or not.

I think wired connection is the best for online game

Been playing on wireless connection forawhile, haven’t experienced any real issues with dropped games on SF4, SC4, TF5DR. I’m running a pretty strong connection of 15mbps, charter cable. I’m also using a basic Linksys G router (WRT54GL).

wireless is always stronger for me and i wouldnt even think of going wireless especially for internet gaming where battle points>life… and those powerline adapters look interesting i wonder just how good they rly work…

I recently moved from… going from Wired to Wireless (both on fiber optics). Always stay wired if you can… this is coming from experience and networking in general. Hiccups blow… or when 90 people decide to crowd your damn router channel and you have to change it.