Wired Fightpad for PS3?

Posted this in the fightpad thread, but no response.

Anyway, an online retailer in Sweden claims to be selling a wired version of the fightpad for PS3 (Chun Li version). They claim this is not a mistake, but I can’t find any info on a wired version existing for PS3. Anybody know anything about this? I’ve tried e-mailing mad catz but they have not responded for a week.

Do they have pictures of it?

The 360 fightpads are able to be dual modded so that’s pretty much your best bet.

Nah, no pics. Just a serial number and a description. I’m just wondering if he’s actually selling the 360 pad without knowing it. the seller seems clueless. Also really disappointed in MadCatz for not responding since to an e-mail sent on wednesday.

Use the serial number and look it up to see what he really has.

Haha, why didn’t I think of that? the serial is MC-SF4288280 which matches the chun-li wireless PS3 model. Thanks!

I can dual mod the 360 fightpad if you are ever interested.