Wired Router

Im looking to get a router so i can be on my ps3,360 and pc. THe only router though i know of is this linksys hunk of crap Cisco Linksys - EtherFast 4-Port Cable/DSL Router - BEFSR41. Now i’ve had one of these before but it died after 6 months, and i really don’t feel like dealing with the horrible support people again…so anyone know of a better wired router?

Why not just get a switch?


Newegg.com - TRENDnet TE100-S5 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Switch 5 x RJ45 1K MAC Address Table 256Kbytes per device Buffer Memory

so that thing will let me on more then one internet using console at once?

No, you need a router.
A switch would plug into the router to give you extra ports.

You need NATing so a router is necessary, but if you already have a router (wired or wireless), you can just get a switch, plug it into the router, and then plug the consoles into the switch.

ok so basically what hokage posted was wasted time then…so lets try this one more time. Does anyone know a router that isnt a piece of garbage like the linksys one i posted???

I personally have a D-Link wired router, which came free with my FiOS installation.
It’s lasted year.

I have only heard good things about this router, which i also D-Link, but its a bit pricey.
Newegg.com - D-Link DGL-4100 10/100/1000Mbps GamerLounge Broadband Gigabit Gaming Router 1 x 10/100Mbps WAN Ports 4 x 10/100/1000Mbps LAN Ports

The switch hokagesama posted is really good, but you need a router

This router is relatively inexpensive, but I dunno what its performance is like

i’d grab a router that can flash custom firmware onto it. Sure its probably going to be wireless as well, but you can just use the wired part, and disable the wireless.

I’m a fan of the tomato firmware, it just runs flawlessly. Though your problem seems to be more hardware. I have a buffalo router that has been running since i first got dsl, nonstop. Though since i have fios(this summer) i had to switch to their router, which works, which is nice.

the price is a bit harsh but the customer reviews seem quite positive which is good, i dont mind spending an extra $35 on a good router wrather then go cheap and only last like maybe 5 months v_v. Thanks for all your help guys ^^.

Oops, misunderstood what the OP wanted :stuck_out_tongue:

@Twinniss: I was going to recommend Tomato setup (running it on my wrt54gl and love it) but given the OP I figured it probably wasn’t a good idea, at least for now.

@Chouji: Do you have other devices in the house that are internet capable or plan to have soon? If so, may be worth it to get a wireless router since they’ll all do wired as well.

Just my PS3, 360 and my computer. That’s all since im the only one in the house who’s not technologically retarded ^^;. I was tempting at the idea of wireless but wirless = lag and im playing MW2 and SSf4 so lag = no good ^^;…that and the adapter for the 360 is $100 so wired i go.

Saw this on woot, if you havnt gotten that new router yet Linksys WRTU54G-TM T-Mobile HotSpot @Home 54Mbps 802.11g Wireless LAN 4-Port Router w/2 Standard Landline Ports

and the wireless might be good if you have guests over