Wired vs powerline AV vs wireless?


Hey guys,

I been avoiding trying to force my way to a wired connection and been playing with wireless but recently i bought a powerline adapter. does anyone know if these two should be significantly different? i seem to be getting the same speeds between my wireless and powerline av. granted, i have a very good wireless router… so im just wondering if its worth it to keep the powerline adapter or return it? i havent been able to get pingtest working on my ps3 to compare the two but pingtest on my laptop using wireless in my ps3 spot and powerline av seems to be identical.

how much better would a wired connection be compared to these two?

on speedtest/pingtest im getting around

20ms ping, 30 mbps download.

thanks for any advice!


Powerline adapter and Wifi both have there Pros and Cons.

Wireless can be interfered with, blocked or jammed.
Depending on the buildings construction the Wireless signal can be blocked. And like all RF signals, Wifi is subject to interference, sniffing and jamming.

Power Line has its own host of issues.
Powerline ethernet adapters can have various results based on how your building’s electrical wiring is done. Power Line adapters are not recommended with homes with older electrical wiring (60s on back).
Appliances like Blenders and Vacuum cleaners can interfere with or block Powerline adapters, especially if these appliances are on the same circuit as your adapter.
Both adapters must be on the same circuit (both outlets must be on the same circuit breaker/ fuse).
Power Line adapters have major issues with streaming media.
Power Line adapters can interfere with some electrical devices.
Power Line adapters are subject to interference due to irregularities in electrical current such as a surge or a brown out.

The best way to network your game console is via Cat 6 ethernet cable.


Powerline can also leak across buildings depending on the wiring: http://security.stackexchange.com/questions/9725/are-powerline-ethernet-adapters-inherently-secure


The only sureshot is to run an ethernet cable. If only people would start installing ethernet jacks like phone jacks.

Sadly, since our networking solutions hinge on us bringing our own gateway, that’s not necessarily feasible without looking ugly near the gateway.


yeah… im on the second floor with modem on the first floor so ethernet is sort of out of question. i couldnt test using my ps3 cause my pingtest on ps3 internet browser doesnt work. but in my room on my laptop i get about

wifi & powerline: 20 ms ping, 27 mbps download

i get the same results on my laptop for both wifi and powerline. i duno if this would be the same on the ps3? or does testing on my laptop not matter and would be wildly different for testing on the ps3.

im just trying to figure out if i should keep wifi or power line. whichever one is better… if powerline is even worth it. if anything i could return powerline adapter and add a couple $$ to buy a monitor for downstairs to be next to modem. but this is last case scenario.

really want to know for now if wifi vs powerline really worth it for me. so far on laptop speed tests i get about the same. will this behavior be the same on ps3 as well?


Powerline adapters should only be used when all other options are exhausted.
Normal building materials should not cause (too much) interference with Wifi.

Even though your router is one floor lower, there are many ways to route ethernet cable. Not routing ethernet is only excused if you rent instead of own, or the policies of a home owner association or historic home association strictly forbids it or you completely lack in the necessary skills to do so. Large non-metal air vents are perfect for routing ethernet cable through multiple floors, you can also tuck the cable under floorboard runners where carpeting meets your walls.