Wired Xbox360 Pad Solder Points

I am building a stick using the slagcoin site as a guide (www.slagcoin.com), and I was wondering if the diagrams were accurate. I remember reading a thread about 2 weeks ago that claimed that some of the slagcoin diagrams (the Xbox360 ones) were inaccurate. I was just wondering if this was true. I checked out the essential joystick thread but the padhack for the wired Xbox360 controller doesn’t have a diagram for the triggers, which I want to include in my joystick.

Here is the diagram

Thanks in advance

You could really just throw this in the padhack thread, you know? Yes, the diagrams are accurate, and yes, the one you linked does show the points for the triggers as well, labeled LT and RT. The official MS controllers don’t need a transistor for the triggers, just the basic one resistor each when you remove the pots. You can find more info throughout the padhacking thread on exactly how to do it, or there’s even a thread specifically for hacking the triggers on an official controller.

thanks you very much