I need help badly. I have my buttons, stick , temp case, wires, and disconnects
I have my prewired pad from modchipman and i have some questions.

Can some one show me a diagram on how to wire it?

the buttons have 2 points to connect to but there is only one slot per button on mine.

And when i tried to wire my stick the stick only went 2ways

i will be grateful to any help i get


When reading this, I’m assuming you have a common ground pad.

One pin is for the signal, the other is for ground.

Plug the disconnects for the signal into one pin of each button. Take some wire, and solder, and solder the wire onto the back of the disconnect for ground. Plug the ground disconnect into the other pin on the closest possible button. now, take the other end of the wire you soldered to the ground, solder it to one the next closest button (or crimp it to a disconnect, then plug it in). Repeat until all your buttons are daisy chained to that one ground line.

Hope that helps.


You should really read the sticky post before asking questions. There are a number of wiring guides already posted.


From slagcoin.com under PCB and wiring.
In that picture the terminal strip is built onto the chthulhu PCB.


kk so i got the buttons to work but my stick will only move down for some reason


Could you take a picture and show us the madcatz PCB and wires?



You have Black wire on Wire Harness be Ground?


no red is. it should be black?


It doesn’t matter which color the wire is, people just traditionally use red for the +5v and black for the ground.


That is why.

Red is Down, when orientation of the Sanwa JLF is with Connector to right.
And since you made Red be Ground, and Black be Down, you sending Signal for Down through all the Microswitches.

On the Wire Harness, the Black wire goes to all Microswitches.
You made that wire be Down.
And Red be Ground.

So only one direction would work.
And is Down.

Looking at your pictures, the wiring should be this:
With your Joystick in orientation as shown in picture (right in respect to Buttons from the inside), here is how wire:
Black = GROUND
Green = RIGHT
Yellow = LEFT
Orange = UP
Red = DOWN

But it does matter when Wire Harness is used with Joystick.
When plugged in, the wires go to specific Microswitch on Joystick PCB.
No matter which way Joystick is, the wire gets lead to the same specific Microswitch.


Thanks i got it all to work. now i wait for my case so i get to use this stick easier. :smiley: makes me want to wire another one since it isnt that hard from a pre wired pcb