Wireless 360 Pad Mod to FightStick Issues

OK my friend has modded three wireless Xbox 360 controllers to fightsticks. They all work perfect in other fighting games. However in MK9, you can’t neutral jump or neutral crouch. What’s weird is that the stick moves up and down fine in the menus and when jumping up/forward, up/back, down/forward, down/back. All of the buttons are modded except the RT and LT because they are analog. The sticks are not modded either. The stick works off of the d-pad. Anyone that could help would be appreciated.

I do not understand what you are asking, outside of what you can’t neutral jump/ crouch in MK.

Are you telling me your joystick does not work in game play but work in the game menus?

So the joystick is wired correctly

Analog stick modding is difficult

Most people make there arcade sticks to work this way

Try to change the controls in the MK game settings from the main menu.

That is true. The stick works fine in the MK9 menus. You can jump straight up and crouch straight down in all other fighting game. However, in MK9 you can not jump straight up or crouch straight down. I’m baffled considering it works in SSF4, SSFHD, etc.

Ultimately my question would be, why would this be happening in MK9?

I got the PS3 version so I don’t know if the issue is replicated, I will go back to my copy of MK and see if I can find anything.

Thanks for looking into it.

Thanks for the help guys. I actually hacked the pads in question.

To clarify the stick will not make the MK9 character jump straight up or crouch straight down. Jumping or crouching at an angle does work though. What is also very weird is I went into the “fatality training” where it asks for joystick directions to be hit. It actually does detect every direction the stick is pushed, and reacts to the motions by posting the corresponding arrow on the screen - but the character wont do the up or down motion.

This is the same result on both the Old style pad (non common ground) and the next revision (the first revision of the CG board), both of which I have hacked now with the same results only in MK9.

Again, everything else works with every other game/fighter/menu etc.

My thought is maybe in MK9 the game is looking for an analog input? However, I know that people are using the Dpad to play - so I’m baffled.


What i would try is to connect it to the PC and check the callibration in the ‘game controllers’ settings. What i can imagine is that it activates UP but for a fraction of second also registers a corner. Maybe other games give the priority to UP and just MK9 allows the corner to prioritize.
My 2 cents.

I think it has to do with the trigger buttons. They show up immediately in practice mode. My friend is working on modding the triggers since you can’t disable them in MK9 as you can in other fighting games.