Wireless arcade sticks?

I saw the thread where someone modified a stick with a wireless 360 controller and a play/charge kit. Why? To make it wireless of course.

Is it possible to take a Street Fighter Anniversary arcade stick and PS3 Six Axis controller, put them in a bowl and stir until you get a wireless stick?

Like if one were to take out the guts of the stick and the Six Axis, put the contents of the Six Axis into the wooden box, then migrate the usb plug and home button to any surface on the stick, would the usb plug and bluetooth functions work? And if you went that far, I know you couldn’t resist changing the buttons too. Can this be done?, cause I might want to try to make this happen during the summer.

I saw all your custom arcade sticks, they all look very, very sweet; sweeter than the Simpsons donut at 7-Eleven.

Yea you could but I don’t know how exactly it would work. Apparently you would have to add resistors to the triggers because they are analog. At the same time if you leave the green plastic thing that the buttons press against you might not have to add resistors. Anyway here is the wiring diagram for the sixaxis


Edit: You do need to add resistors very interesting

I wish I knew which tutorials to look at. I’d really like to do this to my SFA stick. Six Axis controllers are very inexpensive as well, so it wouldn’t be that expensive do. What kind of resistors do I need and Is there a SFA stick diagram that I can look at? Thanks for the Six Axis diagram.