Wireless connection a disadvantage?

Hi everyone,

Im new here and i was just wondering if having a wireless connection will result in a higher risk of imput drops online?, or does it depend on both players connections?

A wired connection will always be better.

Most wireless connections will drop those tasty internet packets like a sieve. Don’t use them. Get an ethernet cable.

Keep this is mind for all online gaming. With lag being the biggest problem in online play you want to ensure that you have the best connection possible. I dont care if its A,B,G or N nothing beats a hardline.

What they said.

Personally, if I could, I would just connect my PS3 straight into my modem so it wouldn’t have to go through my home network and router and stuff to get to my console, but people at home wouldn’t be happy about that.

If you just think strictly in terms of physics, there’s no way a wireless connection will ever be as fast or as stable as a wired connection.

If you’re playing street fighter online you’re better off with a wired connection.

If you’re playing other games where lag isn’t so horrible a wireless connection should be fine.

Lag is not guaranteed with wireless but, it’s more likely. I’ve seen it happen.