Wireless connection for ps3 question ( important)

alright so we all know the wireless card in the ps3 sucks alot, well wireless in general kinda sucks. but what im wondering is does the wireless n adapters make it any better because when connected with a computer you receive 100mbps and 54mbps wireless.
now with some cards for the pc they make it where you can receive 1gb depending on your network card now that’s for people who have a wired connection. unlike those people there are people like myself who have to just deal with going wireless now my current situation is im connected to my pc which is wireless but its a 802.11g card just like the one in my ps3 but for some odd reason it acts better then the one in my ps3. so im connected to my computer and it lags less then it does when im connected by the ps3 wireless card so yeah ps3 wireless hardware fails. but what im wondering is can i get a wireless n adpater which goes over 150mbps which is the normal speed of a wired connection to a 802.11g. would me using a wireless n adapter help at all in my situation of not being able to go wired for the internet?