Wireless Controllers

I was just wondering if anyone knew the reason(s) for no wireless controllers? Instead, of “Use wireless controllers at your own risk”, for example.

In building our own sticks, we contemplated using the Sixaxis pcbs, so I was curious.


edit - is a Sixaxis controller plugged in considered to be a wireless controller?

So yes, connecting the Sixaxis via USB wire is ok.

My guess as to why wireless is forbidden:

A bunch of wireless controllers in the same room being used at the same time is a recipe for major interference, or in some cases… major hackage. (if you know what you’re doing) Rather than let the tourneys for DR and VF5 get destroyed because people don’t heed “Use at your risk”, they will just force people to use a wire.

I am not completely sure but I went to a Tekken tourney a little while ago and had my match completely messed up because someone had a wireless controller(paused the game right b4 the last hit ftw:sad: ), so I think it is to not have something like that happen in the middle of the tourney. Especially considering how many people are going to be there, it may become a problem to have so many wireless controllers and the frequencies could mess up a tourney match, like pausing it without any warning and having to hunt down the person that has the controller just to un-pause it.
*edit: just read that I posted something similar to what is above. sorry about that.

MrWizard told me on messenger that it was due to someone in the crowd pausing the game during play last year that caused the ban, so it looks like what you all were saying is true.