Wireless fightpad mod?


was wondering if there is anyone who has or is interested in a fight pad mod that is wireless, i am going to attempt to “build” one, but was wondering if anyone has done this. also if someone could help me out it would be cool. trying to make it wireless the easiest way possible and fear that i may have to swith out the guts from a 360 wireless to the wired fight pad. thoughts welcome and also anyone who wants to help would be great.

thanks again


unless you are a soldering wiz, just pay someone to do the padhack for you. I am capable of sooldering pretty good and the 360 pad is a P.I.T.A but I am currently making 2-wireless sticks and they are going to be great…


I don’t see how this can work, the fightpad wouldn’t line up with the contacts on the 360 pad…


Seems like a hell of a lot more trouble than it’s worth… It will be big and/or awkward.