Wireless Headset with Converter?

Hey Guys,

So I have a PS2 stick and use an XConverter 360 to use it on my Xbox. Would I be able to use a wireless headset to talk to friends online or am I SOL? I seem to be finding mixed information on whether the headset syncs to the console, the headset syncs to the controller or syncs to both.

Any information is appreciated

i believe the wireless headset links to the console not the controller, should work.

Thanks for the response, the thing is a lot of people say “I think” or “It should” which is fine, but I haven’t seen anyone actually confirm it yet. I would go out and just get one but that shit is like $40 bucks and I don’t really want to buy one unless it works.

Wouldn’t matter what it uses (it uses the console as far as I know).

You still have to have the wired controller plugged in for that converter right? So as far as the console knows you’re using the 360 controller, not the PS2 controller.

It should work fine.

Well you can unplug the controller and it would still work after the security is bypassed. I wasn’t sure if leaving the controller would work or not, I guess I will have to just try it and see what happens

Wireless Headset syncs directly to the console, not to the controller. It shouldn’t matter what controller you use.

On a side note, syncing the Wireless Headset can be an absolute pain, as I’ve learned every time I’ve had to sync it.