Seems to be a Bluetooth PS3 version of the HRAP (the WRAP)
Summer 2013, 15’800 yen.

All-Sanwa obviously.

Product pages:

Pre-order page:

Wireless Arcade Stick or Adapter for PS3

On the front page from this morning (your pics are broken) :wink:


I like the idea, not the execution.

Also is this another pre-order startup thing… will HORI not follow through if it doesn’t meet the pre-order quota? ;S


You know? This doesn’t look half bad! This is probably the first variant of the Hori RAP V series that I actually really like! God, that all black look is very sexy. :open_mouth:

I gotta hand it to Hori for once again coming out with the incredible feature set on this stick. Admittedly, they didn’t have to add much since all the extra features (L3/R3 buttons, DP/LS/RS switch, foam pads on the bottom) were already on the original V3-SA Kai, but adding the wireless option is very, very cool, especially since it can turn on the PS3 itself!


Love my HRAP V3-SA Kai edition but this is even more awesome!


Any chance of this coming to the U.S.?


50/50 like pretty much every other Hori product except the anime-license joysticks…


From the pics, doesn’t it look to be a translucent case?


It should be mentioned that the wireless mode is optional. You can still connect the thing to your PS3 via wired USB.


This stick looks okay but I mentioned in the news thread that I felt it was a BIT late in the lifecycle of the PS3 to be releasing a wireless HRAP like this… The attention will be focused mainly on the PS4 within six months of its release IF that system does well – which it seems very likely it will unless Sony fumbles the ball yet again or sets the system in a direction it probably shouldn’t be going in.

(I’m also puzzled as to why Hori is using the HRAP V case instead of the new design they debuted with SC V last year for the new wireless joystick…)

I’m not saying the PS3 will die right away – the PS2 surprised everybody by how long it lasted and frankly I was surprised that Sony pulled the plug on production of the system even last year(!) – but software support will continue probably at most 2-3 years after the PS4 release. Of course, the whole EVO/Fighting Tourneys and hardware/peripheral support (ie, joysticks) will be dependent on the NEXT-gen fighters as well as whatever gets released on the PS3/360 between this past year and whenever the PS4 and XBox 720 really come into their own.

If there is one thing that has happened since hard drives and broadband became standard items it’s that the capability of these systems have distracted the marketing department of at least Sony from the primary purpose of gaming… They’re taking notes from 3DO and we all know what happened with that system. It was ambitious for its time but ultimately way overpriced, underpowered, and promoted as a do-all that did nothing particularly well and came off looking bad even against the previous generation 16-bit consoles!

Sony will have no problem with the power of the hardware but at issue is their memory… will they learn from their past mistakes, OR are they going to be stupid and presume gamers will automatically come to them without decent marketing and software support? I seem to recall there were two other companies who were the market leaders in the early 1990s that made presumptions about gamers and the direction of the gaming industry that were dead-wrong. One’s near-completely out of the hardware business except for occasional dips into very limited controller releases and the other looks like it very well might be seeing its last major home console release this generation.


I’m sorry, are you thinking Nintendo screwed up last generation?

Because I’m looking at the billions they made (and the new market they captured) and I’m not seeing it…


You can always import it.


financials disagree with you, sony lost big in 2012



I was talking about Nintendo, not Sony.


Loving the all black, looks like the case is actually transparent, I didnt catch that the first time I looked.


Will the Hori Wireless Real Arcade PRO V3SA work on PC as well?

im not expecting the wireless mode to work but atleast will its wired** mode** work?

please reply :slight_smile: this is going to be my first stick if it does work on PC, well because on my place its the only thing being sold and im paranoid about ordering online for other sticks :confused:


No one :(?


All Hori PS3 arcade sticks are PC compatible.


A certain motherboard revision of the FS3 is not.


wow thnx for replies :smiley:

@gahrling, but i shouldn’t be concerned with that on this product right?

thnx :slight_smile: