Wireless or Wired connection: Which provide you with perfect online play?

For those of you who seem to experience near perfect online gameplay locally or nationally, lets start to find out how your wii is setup (Wired or Wireless) and router too. Is the Router DMZ, or has port fowarding enabled?

Lets find out which combinations are the best for online play.

So far i am using wireless with a 7 meg cable connection and even across the street is about a .5 sec lag time. (Although I admit, I have a shitty wireless router that is set to DMZ with port foward)

Ive been using the wired lately and it runs way better than wireless.


Wirless. I only lag at the beginning of the match during the intros and it speeds up from there.

Wireless. Pretty damn fast cable connection, through a NetGear router. Barely lags at all with anyone, anywhere in the US. Played some Canadians, too.

Wireless for me. I only lag when Pokemon Trainer switches Pokemon, but the lag is not bad.

I wanna revive this thread for a second.

Isnt wired connection better then wireless regardless?

And tommarow im going to post what type of router I have, so if you guys can give me some tips tommarow that we be sweet.

I heard a wired connection is better, but wireless is ok too.

wireless will handle any speed that your internet is the only real bonus wired has over wireless is its more dependable to not have jitters of lag some times and its faster from computer to computer over a network. i hope that helps somewhat.

So they’re both equally good, other than wired having much less lag than wireless. Either way, you’re always gonna get lag right.
It also depends on your internet connection too, doesn’t it?

yeah i guess its pretty much just go with whatever your current setup don’t spend extra money for a wired converter if you have a wireless router, don’t buy a wireless router if you have a wired one just buy the converter. either way it shouldn’t be a noticeable difference in speed

So… I just have a shitty connection lol. Any ways to improve it?

what kind of connection do you have and when are you getting lag?

here is a link to a gamefaq post on setting up wireless connection. I havn’t done it yet though so I dunno if it will help:


I have a wireless-G 2.4GHz broadband router (linksys). What im told by my cousin is I have a red connection all the time.

I lag more now, but input lag 99.9% of the time. I also use Ganon so with the input lag it makes him feel even slower. I was talkin to Quiche and he said he gets his green connection from a lan adapter. I was gonna pick one up tommarow but I thought i’d get some input on my status first.

@Dae thanks man, im gonna check that out right now.