Wireless or Wired?

Hey guys,

Just deciding what to go with for my custom stick PCB…

I heard talks that wireless has a bit of a delay plus rumors that my 11 buttons and joystick will drain batteries fast in case of wireless…

I’m just wondering if it’s worth spending extra $30 for wired controller or i should just go with my wireless.


think you answered your own question with those cons there.

see I want some input though if this will significantly impact playability… cuz that’s just my guess

Wireless should be fine. I can’t remember who did it but I believe there was a test done by a member here showing that the current gen systems did not have lag over wireless.

You should check out this thread. On pages 2 and I believe 3, Toodles does some comprehensive tests comparing a Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Game Pad against a Hori EX2 PCB and also an official PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS Game Pad against his own PS3 Cthulu board. They’re very interesting results!

The reality is that no, it won’t make a difference; wireless technology for video games has come a really long way and now you won’t have to worry about lag anymore. There are issues that come with using a wireless PCB though. You have to worry about the following:

-If your PCB isn’t one of the newer Microsoft common ground wireless controllers, you’ll have one hell of a time adding multi-console support in the future.
-In addition, you have to solder two wires to every button if it’s not a common ground, one for the ground of that specific button, the other for the signal.
-You’ll have to add a button somewhere on your stick to wire up the Sync button to from the wireless controller.
-You’ll have to purchase a Play & Charge kit and Microsoft’s rechargeable batteries to keep your controller alive. You could also just use regular batteries, but you’d have to open up your stick every time you want to replace them.

Oh, and whoever told you that having 11 buttons and a joystick on your stick would drain the battery faster lied to you. It’s a myth. Using arcade grade buttons doesn’t use any more energy than the little rubber contacts that Microsoft uses to activate their buttons.

In my opinion, most people just go wired due to convenience. I know I did; I absolutely did not wish to go through the hassle of hacking apart a Play & Charge kit, cutting out the plastic back of the Xbox 360 controller to host the battery, and drilling a new button hole for the Sync button.

Can you play with the Wireless controller well enough? If so, then just use that. You can see for yourself what delay exists if there is any. You can add a little battery holder to your stick and just throw some rechargeable batterys in it, or even build a battery pack into the case.

I used a wired controller because I didnt want to tear apart my only wireless (I do play other games) and it was cheaper than buying a wireless new. Its all about personal opinion and how you want your stick to look and function.

thanks a lot for the replies guys… i completely forgot about synch button :confused: that’s another hustle… i’ll have to rethink my position on that… thanks for the link to the comparison thread - really cleared it out :slight_smile:

also for wireless if the signal is blocked its an annoyance

true say… yea i think i’ll go with wired then… less hustle
thanks again :slight_smile:

Extra buttons won’t drain more power if they’re not pressed in and if there are no LEDs. Really, if the button isn’t pressed then there is no power flowing through them. Wireless is good, I love mine so convenient. Only problem is the older sixaxis might get desynchronized (lost connection for a second) sometimes, happened to me for the first time in 2 years with the PS3 just the other day. Once out of 2 years isn’t bad :slight_smile: Plus you can always plug in your wireless controller if you really need to (tournament, hustling online, wtv).

I went wireless for 2 reasons. There is NO delay as was confirmed by Toodles. Secondly, its easier for me to just pick up my stick and not have to worry about anyone tripping over my cable.

Also, its not true that you have to have 2 wires for every button. If you follow RDCs button mappings you will see that most but not all buttons share a common ground.

did you make synch button for your stick?

No, i just stick my finger in the back and manually press it.

lol sarcasm much? :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont think he was being sarcastic.

If you dont want to make another hole for a button or reach in to activate it, im pretty sure you can just plug the stick into the console using a plug and play wire. You can then unplug it, and it’ll be synced up automatically for use until you un-sync it.

i play longer now that i have a stick, i can’t see me putting in 4-6 hours per gaming session n having to worry about batteries. when our batteries start to die you start to experience lag/delay. wires, no batteries, no problems. i don’t need to be across the room trying to play sf anyway

i think i’ll go with wired - less hustle

personally i am going with wireless… i don’t live in the worlds biggest house so even when it needs recharging i know the cable will reach, plus i an starting to feel wires are some what dated for consoles :S dont know why…

LMFAO I knew someone would catch that. :rofl:

I’ve just made myself a wireless stick, i’ll post pictures of it tomorrow.

I used a sync button and also used the LEDs