Wireless PCB for PC only


Im looking for a pcb for a custom stick to use with my pc. My pc is about 25’ away from my tv were i will be playing so after looking for a 30’ active usb cable I decided It might be better to just go wireless. I am thinking of going with a xbox 360 wireless pcb because the 360 compatability would be a plus but if there is something easier & cheaper for the pc only id like to know about it.


The morpheus from jasenscustoms is PC/PS3/JAMMA compatible, is solderless, and wireless. It is not cheaper than an XBOX 360 pcb however.


dude wireless xbawx-breh controller + dongle. you’ll thank yourself.

so ez. plus the dongle allows for 2 controllers.


looked at the Jasencustoms I dont have a serial port on the pc im using so thats out.
Not sure what xbawx-breh is? Googled it and got xbox bras. Thats pretty cool.


I think he meant a wireless 360 brawl pad.


thanks didnt know they made a wireless brawl pad.


did they make a wireless brawl pad cant seem to find one? Can someone give me a link?


Wireless Fightpads and Brawlpads don’t exist for the 360.


I’m pretty sure the morpheus can be used via USB, no? @"Jasen Hicks"‌


You just need a DB-15 breakout board attached to the transmitter to wire everything up to. Keep in mind the Morpheus only supports 6 buttons in it’s current form. You can check it out here.


It’s USB.


I’ll be damned, didn’t realize the wireless ones were ps3 only.


Im starting to think just staying wired is the way to go. So I found a few threads were people were trying to find out about using usb extenders and lag but cant find any with first hand experience.


Wired is always best, unless u like sitting really far away.


Heres a search example, make sure its a legit board or at least one with common ground. Looking at boards without CG is like looking at Rosey Odonald naked on acid. Its not for mortals.


Get the Tekken 6 Hori stick, and use the pcbs. PITA to remove the buttons what with all the desoldering, and it needs the dongle, but it’s plug and play after that.


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The morpheus is 100% compatible with both PS3 and PC both WIRED and WIRELESS.

Wireless you simply hook up the controller to the TX board and then hook the RX board to the PC/PS3 with the appropriate firmware flashed to it. You do use a breakout board to hook up inputs on the TX board. It was originally designed to plug into a NEO stick.

Wired you flash the RX board to wired mode and wire the buttons into it. Then hook it up with a USB cable to the computer or PS3.

Benefits: long range, multiple systems (simple flash of RX and it works with SuperGuns, NeoGeo, PC, or PS3), wired or wireless.