Wireless PS3 arcade stick D-Pad up error


Right after a long delay i finally got around to finishing my arcade stick, its a bit scuffy, but it was a learning curve, anyway its all wired up and when i start the ps3 up, and enter the menu and try to move down through the menu and then let go on the stick everything travels up to the top again, i loaded tekken 6 with control pad and started a 2 player game and the player 2 (stick) was just jumping all the time, so basically its just stuck on UP even when the stick is smack bang in the middle, also i can turn on a PS3 pad move around the menu and then go back to the Joystick and everythiong works ok, UP, DOWN,LEFT, RIGHT…ETC
but as soon as i load a game its all starts to play up again, i have rewired the D-pad up a couple of times now and even used tp spot and still no joy and its now drining me mad, i really appreciate any help and advise on this thank you.


just a thought but which is best…crimped spade connecters or soldering straight to the microswitches?


What PCB are you using? Some 3rd party PS3 pads have this problem. I recall reading forums where where non Sony PS3 pads where giving people problems with directions.


am using a sony pad board details are MSU PP 4.0 9 (see pic)



Should have just spent money on the Axis Adaptor. Can you still attach the ribbon cable adaptor?

You now have to hack it like so with the high probability of failure. Hopefully you will be succesful, but if not, you will now have to go out and get another sixaxis pad and then an axis adaptor.

You need to bridge resistors between a few pins.


Cant attach the ribbon cable adaptor because i was trying to make something else which needed that removed, and cause i balls that up and had 2 PCB,s i thought i would give a Arcade stick ago, which all went well upon till this point, as for resistors i have them all in place, does it have to be 7.5k or 8.5k? cause i sure one of them is 10k & one 4.5k. all i had at the time, although i have swapped them about and it still does this weird thing just wanting to keep move in the UP postion even when the Joystick is in a neutral postion, i will go get 2 new resistors tomorrow and do a full rewire and see how things go, other then that this as me stumped.


problems solved i resoldered the L1, L2, D pad UP, D pad Down…etc on the back using the alternative TP spots, just got a couple things need sorted out and it done.