Wireless router help!


I’ll keep this short and sweet.

I have 1 linksys wireless router with 3 computers connected wireless and my ps3 connected with a wire. My ps3 gets booted if all 3 computers are running.

What can I do to prevent this from happening? Is there a suggested router I should get that can handle the workload or do I have to deal with it?


This happens to your PS3 ALL the time or just started recently? If anything, I would check if there is a firmware upgrade for your router. If there is, try it, but before you do, backup the previous firmware that’s already on your system. I have a netgear WPN824 and it gives me the option to backup\restore before i upgrade to the newest firmware.


What do you mean by “booted”? As in, you lose your connection to the router?

Assuming it works perfectly fine if the computers are not on, i.e. there is no physical problem with the cable or the connectors on either end, then possibly:

a) you have configured the same static IP address on your PS3 as you did on one of the computers
b) you have limited the number of IP addresses that your router will assign from the DHCP pool

Option A: you should know the answer to this right away, either you configured static IPs or you didn’t. If you did, check the IP address you configured on each machine and the PS3, write each one down, and make sure none are the same. If you didn’t, and all your devices are configured for dynamic/automatic addressing, then this is not the problem.

Option B: I can’t imagine any router would come configured out of the box to only allow maximum 3 DHCP leases, but I have seen stranger things. You’ll have to access the configuration of the router (via the router’s IP address, from a web browser on a computer) and somewhere in the Local Network settings you should find the DHCP options. Make sure the starting and ending address in the pool aren’t really close together (e.g. -

Please check those two and report back.


I read to disable upnp and media servers. I didn’t set any static ips. I will check for a firmware update. The router is about 3 years old, so there might be one.

Thanks for your help guys!


I get the same thing with my netgear router

once i reach a certain number of deviced attached nothing works anymore and i have to reboot the router