Wireless Router Suggestions

So my router is starting to have some problems. It keeps turning off on me randomly so I figure it’s time to buy another one. Right now I’m using the DLink WBR-2310. What would you suggest for under $100?

Linksys WRT54G-L no doubt.

You can put custom firmware on it and it runs rock solid. That’s WRT54G-L, not WRT54G, there’s a difference!

:u: What kind of custom firmware? What exactly can you do with it?

Search DD-WRT, and it does EVERYTHING O_O

in addition to DD-WRT you can also put Tomato on it (the firmware not the fruit) which some say is better than DD-WRT. I’m no networking pro but at the very least it gives you a much more stable connection and is better at handling things like torrents.

I seen tomato before, I personally find DD-WRT friendlier to use and still does pretty much what tomato does. Hence why I suggest it, obviously its fun being techy, and messing with it, but sometimes you don’t have the leisure to mess to much all the time, and for my needs, which are somewhat demanding, DD-WRT does everything I need, and a while ago DD was the best, tomato was just starting out, dunno how it changed now though, I may have to look at tomato again :wink:

:u: yeah I definitely stay away from Tomato for those reasons. OP should definitely start out with DD-WRT. Also WRT54G-L isn’t the only router that can run custom firmware but it’s definitely the best.

:u: Thanks for the suggestion guys, I think I’ll try to pick up the router tomorrow. =D

I’ll prob grab DD-WRT tomorrow too and start to fiddle around with it.

btw, Sileighty is kinda $#%^#$^ much <3, no homo, X_X, lol, I play 3S with the guy, if he kills his router, lol took us 3 weeks to get him to connect to me to play, if tries anything remotely confusing, we most likely won’t play for months lol. So Monte should I give Tomato a try? I am running on an original WRT54G (the one with crazy amount of ram)

:u: Pft…if I remember correctly, wasn’t it you who had an option selected that I didn’t on nfba? :rofl: I connected with others just fine on the first try.

i have the buffalo router. forgot what was the model number. i think they’re great, but they don’t sell those anymore. don’t know why either.

Not my fault you didn’t clicky it!!!


And who basically spoon fed you how to set up online 8P, since you couldn’t get anything!!!

Lol, hopefully with a little free time, well be able to play again.

Night everyone.

My favorite feature of having custom firmware on the WRT54G (I have a v.1) – boosting the strength of the broadcasted signal. Getting the signal to full strength from the basement to the furthest room away on the upper floor of my house = win.

I went a couple of stores and whats the difference between WRT54G-L, WRT54G, and the WRT54GS?

The main thing with the 54G-L is that it was Linksys’ only authorized router to work with Linux-based firmware. It’s hilarious because DD-WRT can work with just about any WRT54G.

What about the G and the GS? Are there any benefits for getting the GL?

I use the Dlink Xtreme Gigabit N router. I like the fact that it has built in auto NAT open settings for gaming. So basically its automatically sets the NAT settings when your consoles are connected to your network. If you ahve ever gotten that NAT warning on Xbox live when matchmaking you know what Im talking about and it prevents that so you can connect to a bigger pool of people out there. I am sure that you can open your NAT manually but I didnt find it easy. Plus it has “QoS” built in which lets you set which applications or devices on the network get bandwidth priority. Just use the Euro firmware and it works great. Its a little over $100 but I think the extra features, gigabit, N and signal strength are worth it. You will have it for a while.

[Edit] link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833127215

I’ve got a Billion Bipac 7404 VGP-M. Does everything I’d ever want to do, provides a rock solid ADSL connection (that’s if you need a modem too) with great wireless signal strength.

Ehhh… guys… got a few things to mention here! Lot of misleading information here methinks…

Dont wanna show off, but I am really familiar with the routers and the firmwares.

1st Thing:
Get a WRT54G-L… TRUE!!!

2nd Thing:

I cannot confirm that and I do not understand. Tomato is known and advertised as very SMALL & LEAN firmware. It is so small and so simple, thus it is pretty fast. It got all options you need, and is really simple to setup. Most important thing:
It seems to be the only FW where QOS actually WORKS! Trust me…

DD-WRT on the other hand is known to be big, often there are flashing problems, even more problems when you want to switch to another FW and you are coming from DD-WRT… gotta use TELNET and all that shit.

Besides that it has far too much functionality and IS KNOWN TO BE SLOW!!!

Trust me, you get the best performance with WRT54G-L and TOMATO. It kicks ass, got TWO of those things running at home… I luv’em.

DD-WRT is not good in my eyes, I would NEVER recommend it, especially not for starters, there are simply too many problems associated with it.

TOMATO is very reliable, fast, QOS works, lotz of nice features.

With QOS enabled and setup properly online gaming is super-sweet.

GET TOMATO :wgrin:

:u: Thanks for the suggestion, I think I’ll have to research into both of the them to see what I can find.