Wireless sixaxis, and genesis arcade stick mod help needed

Hi guys,
I’m collecting Genesis games and would like to be able to use the MCZ SE when friends come over for PS3 fighters, Genesis schmups and beat em’ ups.
I been wanting to do this for a while. Which is modding my 360 Madcatz SE with a PS3 Sixaxis and a Tomee Sega Genesis controller pcb. Anyone with ideas, familiar with the pcbs, or have recommendations to get this started? I can do away with the 360 part, as I don’t have a working XBOX. I also have a spare six button original sega pcb if it is a better choice.
Thanks for any inputs.

the method you mentioned appears long winded and difficult

this is tech talk and difficulty is looked upon as a good challenge

not by me though

if you dont mind not having ps3 wireless then easisest way is to get a multi console cthulu pcb from here

Wouldn’t a Leo board work for this mod?

Unless you think you’re up to doing a difficult mod, get an MC Cthulhu to cover your PS3 and Genesis (and a host of other consoles) needs.

I didn’t know mc supported genesis. Maybe that sounds safer and easier to go that route.
I wanted wireless because I planned only on using one wire which is for genesis. Using the same usb port as the wireless ps3 for charging needs and that would be the purpose. Genesis being the main console for that stick and ps3 side when playing 4 player games. I already have two arcade sticks using up the ps3 usb ports.
The LEO sounds promising for what I want. That should be easy hookup. Then all that would be left is the genesis side. Perhaps when I get a chance I can post the pic of the Tomee PCB.
Crap I think I solved my own questions. Leo for PS3 hookup to buttons and done for wireless. Sega Genesis PCB wired to the buttons also and its cord as the main. Now I would just need a switch to separate the buttons per console.

If you need a Leo board let me know I got one I’m not going to use. Pm me!