Wireless Subitamente Desapareceu, Modem Kaiomy 550B-4PW


Hey Guys,

I have a Wireless Kaiomy 550B-4PW Modem and it’s always been perfect.
But, it turns out that i tried to access it and the wireless suddenly stopped working.

Now, let me explain a little about the modem to you guys:

Inside the menu, under ‘Interface Setup’ I have these options:


Now, the thing is… The Wireless Option is just GONE !

When I restart the modem the wireless option is turned back on, then i’ll re-configure it and than ask it to connect to the ISP, but when it does connect, once again, the wireless disappear.

What could it be ?

And, to make things worse, the firmware that is available for download at the official site doesn’t work inside the modems menu. It jus says it’s the wrong file.

I have no idea on what to do…
Can anybody help me ?