Wireless XB360 headset question

If I completely get rid of the physical headset connection on my Madcatz joystick controller PCB, will that hinder my wireless headset at all? Or rather, should it? I just removed mine for the hell of it and now my wireless headset can’t receive or hear voice :sad: It does receive it’s own spot on the ring of light though still. No battery counter when I press the Guide button though.

So my headset still works fine with my wireless controllers, so I’m guessing the 360 doesn’t like that I took the headset piece off of my madcatz arcade pcb in my stick. It probably thinks that a physical headset is connected and makes it so the wireless headset can not be used.

Anyone ever come across something like this?

That’s what it was. If you take off the headset the XB360 thinks you have a physical headset plugged in. Damn :sad: