Wireless Xbox 360 Hori Arcade Stick

Price $80 dollars Shipping is dependant on your zipcode.

I am selling a custom modified Hori Arcade stick. Originally was wired Xbox 360.
Changed the Art, the buttons to Vermillion as well as the ball top. removed the original PCB and swapped it out for a wireless Xbox 360 PCB.
Comes with a cable so that you can charge the battery inside or play wired as well. On the top right is the new button that lets you synch your controller to your Xbox 360 or PC via a wireless adapter.

I live in Kaneohe, HI if anybody would like to pic it up. Shipping is separate.

Wireless Xbox 360 Hori Arcade Stick

Oh Yes, this has actualy Sanwa Stick and Sanwa buttons. 4 way restrictor, fresh new wireless battery just installed.

Also notice the nice official Xbox 360 guide button.

Good luck with the sale.:rock:

Is the stick sold? You’re not replying to your PMs.

Still up for sale.

Few questions:

  1. Are the buttons, controller, sync, and xbox button on quick disconnects or soldered?
  2. Is that button in the top right the sync button?
  3. What’s your approx shipping to TX?

Sorry missed the comment about the sync. Still have ques 1 & 3 if the stick is still for sale.

I’ll take it. PM’d you.