Wireless xbox controller on ps3?

Looking for the guy at seasons beatings this year… he told me he can make a wireless xbox controller work on ps3?

I am not looking to use the wireless capabilities… i just want to be able to use that new xbox controller (with the improved d-pad) on a ps3. does anyone have a solution for this?

i heard of some guy named bob the builder or something… not sure if that is accurate


Do you own the new controller? The dpad besides the fact you can change the height is still on a disc which means it’s exactly the same as the stock controller.

been using 360 controllers for years and there is something different about it. it is nothing like a stock disc man. it is much more sensitive and i am able to do things with much more efficiency.

not sure what but there is something different.

Why would you not just use a Dualshock 3 with an already perfect d-pad on your ps3?

b/c i have been using the 360 pad for all games for as long as i can remember. it is all about muscle memory.

and its only for tournaments. i play on 360 but things like evo are on ps3 although that is not what the community wants

Are we talking about something like this?

This may help you out in what you are wanting to do How-to: Make a PS360 controller. Note, this mod does not make the controller playable on both systems, it simple is putting the guts of a ps3 controller into the shell of the 360 controller.

That is the same mod as what I posted, except I embedded my link in the image.
The Official Blog of Benjamin J Heckendorn

@ Playing to Win
You can follow Ben Heck’s Guide
or ask a modder to do the mod

Gummowned or Ben heck could do the mod. I will warn you Ben heck charges ALOT for his mods.

yes only with the new 360 pad that came out with the adjustable dpad

thx man… i got ahold of gumm. i am gonna have him do it.

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