Wireless xbox-live?

i have 2 xboxes, one downstairs (hooked up physically to the internet) and one upstairs (which i would like to connect wirelessly)

so i would like to know,
anyone here use a wireless G-router to play on xbox live?
how is it?
what are some other good options to connect xlive wirelessly?

Linksys Wireless G Router and Linksys Wireless B game adapter.

Easy to setup. I would also recommend the larger antennas. You get a much stronger signal all throughout your house. It works great for me.


how come you have a wireless B game adapter?
i thought G was the best?
is your setup better than a G game adapter with a G router?

I use a wireless B because it was the only one available at the time and the bandwidth was more than my broadband bandwidth anyway. A wireless G adapter would have been overkill.


another question,
i thought that G routers were only compatible with G network cards?

802.11g is backwards compatible with b, however a is incompatible, a is the same speed as g with a better signal. However none of this matters cause it’s all way above what xbox will use over live.

<-- goes to eat some alpha-bits

yo i bought a cheap Belkin “G” Router
and i’m using it with my SMC “B” wireless thingy hooked up to my xbox
but the connection is pretty damn shitty still
you think i should return the router and buy a better brand
or get a G wireless thingy to hook up to my xbox

Yeah. The wireless G router works nicely. Only thing is, it gets a bit fussy plugging it into different systems.

I can put it in my Xbox, play some XBL, than hook up my PS2, put it in there. It won’t connect, and I have to power cycle the game router in order for it to work.